Catholic script-writer, who would buy/make this?

I’m sure some of you know me here, but you may not know that I am an amatuer script-writer.

I’ve written (and am writing) quite a few movie scripts. At least two are based on a video game that I am a fan of.
BUT the other two are my own creation.
The first is simply a romantic comedy. A teen comedy that is devoid of sexual humor, and instead focuses on a high silly-factor.

However, that project has been rather dormant for months now.

I began working on a much bigger and more dramatic piece.
A teenage, Catholic boy (named James) that suddenly receives visions.

Strangely, its not like Mary is coming to him, or something like that. He will be at Mass and see a little blonde boy poke his head over a woman’s shoulder, as if she were carrying him. Later, he comments about the boy to the woman, who then proceeds to tell him that she was never carrying anyone.
He dismisses it, but then it starts to happen more and more. The only person who even wanted to know what was bothering him was a friend of his, Evelyn. She (for some odd reason:rolleyes: ) trusts him completely and decides to help him figure out what’s going on.
It bothers James enough for him to go to his parents. They take him to the Doctor who then investigates the issue. They scan for a tumor, but instead they cannot see anything on the MRI at all! Its as if something distorted the image. They redo the test, but still nothing shows up right.
His priest is very mysterious about it, but he’s determined that these are angels that James is seeing.
Gradually he begins to accept it. and takes great pleasure in listening to the angels sing during Mass.

However, the other side starts to show itself.

All-in-all, the story is about good and evil. Our choices are OUR choices, but they are still sactioned by one group. Though the more righteous you are, the harder the other side tries to make you fall.
I would say its an accurate assessment of our reality, though told from the perspective of a writer (James is writing a book on his experience and narrates the story) who could see the angels and the demons around us.
NOt only are these exterior forces in conflict, but so are the forces within James himself. He understands right and wrong, good and evil. Even more so now that he SEES. But even his own will isn’t without weakness.

So that’s the story I came up with (there’s more of course, I’m just trying to be concise!) but the problem is that I don’t know who’d make something like this? Who would take a script from an amatuer writer and make a feature length film?

I figured this was the best place to ask since the story is VERY Catholic, and perhaps someone knew of a good Catholic production company or something
:shrug: Doesn’t hurt to ask

Speaking as an amature writer, it’s always good to avoid posting anything that you plan on publishing yourself anywhere online. While this is a Catholic website and the majority of people who are here, both Catholic and otherwise, wouldn’t steal your intellectual property because of our belief that God would disapprove or because of personal integrity, I’ve seen enough evidence on personal blogs that non-participants will troll just about any kind of forum, sometimes at random, so someone with bad intentions might snip from your work and “borrow” what you’ve put up here. That leads to problems time and time again, which is why so many fiction authors forbid people to write fan fiction of their novels.

As to how to get your screenplay looked at, my best advice would be go to Half Price Books and look in the reference section for books on selling fiction or the fiction writer’s market. I know that it sounds strange, but your best bet is to start small and look through for people who publish fiction from new authors. You might find resources on people who buy screenplays, or you might find publishers for small fiction pieces who’ll take some of your smaller works as short stories and who can direct you afterward to people who can take your screenplays. It’s good to diversify.

Good luck to you, bu in the future, don’t post synopsis of your stuff online, because this sounds REAL interesting, and I’d rather you didn’t lose your intellectual property - I want to see YOUR name on the “Screenplay By” credit when I see it in the theater. :smiley:

Ah shoot
Am I too trusting?

Well, should I edit and delete some of that?

Have you heard of Act One?

Go to :

They should still have J. Michael Strazinki’s (the 1980’s Twilight Zone producer as well as the creator of Babylon 5)

Get it, read, follow it

Whoops, they should still carry JMS scripting writing guide!!!

Check the site for the movie “Bella.” They are looking at for
people who want to write, produce or act in these type of movies.
They have appretices, too. I just deleted a message from them
I think it was called “Postive Media”. I’ll try to bring it up over the
God bless you and your project.

Where on that site did you see that ?

I went on the and the site had the link to
Positive Media Internships on the left hand side. This is the info
e-mailed to me (as a supporter of Bella) a couple of weeks ago.
Much success to you.

It would be a good idea not to misrepresent the Church in a movie, even if for a good film plot, because there is more than enough misunderstanding and false ideas about the Church and how to be obedient to her, but there is hardly any films that portray the Church properly and really show how to be obedient to her.

Also, I think the Acts of the Apostles would be great if it were shown on the big screen. Not necessarily as realistic as possible but more as historically accurate as possible (that is, in accordance to the book it’d be based off and the world in which the book is set in).

Rebecca from Catholic in Film School blog posted some great tips on Catholic Tech Tips titled “So you want to be a screenwriter, eh?”. I think this will give you some great ideas.

  • Joshua

How would a story such as this misrepresent the Church?
Saints have had visions, have they not? My plot wouldn’t cause misunderstandings

Anyways, thank you all for your help! I hope you all will be able to see this in theaters in the future!

Thank you again!

Dear Belgarion:
Most Catholics who are serious about scriptwriting plug into and also read the blog of Barbara Nicolosi, Catholic script-writer in LA.

Hope this helps.

How does everyone know this stuff when I don’t?!?! LOL

Thanks very much!

Yeah…then we’ll be able to say, “I knew you when–” and hit you up for money…:smiley:

Well, I’ll certainly contribute to the CA forums!!

Anyways, my laptop is in need of repairs. I’ll get back to my script once it gets fixed!

Once again, I appreciate all of your help! I really hope that I can bring this idea to life! Perhaps that’s my ministry. I hope to bring people in with solid (and appropriate) entertainment, then give them a strong moral message.

Keep it up, never give up, I love screenwriting myself.
It’s my passion. Key is to always keep on writing, never stop, even if its 5 minutes a day, always write something down.

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