Catholic Senators

Respect for Rights of Conscience Act

The amendment is a response to the Obama administration’s healthcare edict that requires all organizations to pay for 100 percent free contraception, sterilization and abortion inducing drugs for women, regardless of their religious or moral convictions. Failure to do so would bring punitive measures.

Here is the full list of Catholic Senators and how they voted on the amendment.
The amendment was defeated 51 to 48

Senator Mark Begich (Alaska, D) - Opposed
Senator Lisa Murkowski (Alaska, R) - Supported
Senator Marco Rubio (Florida, R) - Supported
Senator Tom Harkin (Iowa, D) - Opposed
Senator James Risch (Idaho, R) - Supported
Senator Richard Durbin (Illinois, D) - Opposed
Senator Mary Landrieu (Louisiana, D) - Opposed
Senator David Vitter (Louisiana, R) - Supported
Senator John Kerry (Massachusetts, D) - Opposed
Senator Barbara Mikulski (Maryland, D) - Opposed
Senator Susan Collins (Maine, R) - Supported
Senator Claire McCaskill (Missouri, D) - Opposed
Senator John Hoeven (North Dakota, R) - Supported
Senator Mike Johanns (Nebraska, R) - Supported
Senator Kelly Ayotte (New Hampshire, R) - Supported
Senator Robert Menendez (New Jersey, D) - Opposed
Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (New York, D) - Opposed
Senator Bob Casey Jr. (Pennsylvania, D) - Supported
Senator Pat Toomey (Pennsylvania, R) - Supported
Senator Jack Reed (Rhode Island, D) - Opposed
Senator Pat Leahy (Vermont, D) - Opposed
Senator Maria Cantwell (Washington, D) - Opposed
Senator Patty Murray (Washington, D) - Opposed
Senator Joe Manchin III (West Virginia, D) - Supported

Only two Democrats supported. All Republicans did.

Don’t forget Tim Kaine (D-Virginia) who opposed the amendment despite recently telling Virginians that he would support it. :mad:

Democrats are proving over and over to be anti Catholic, this is just another example. These Catholic leaders are a big problem in leading those Catholics married to party over church to continue the slide down that slippery slope.

Just wondering, but why would anyone be for something like that? I mean, what ever happened to freedom of religion?

Lost since political parties started trumping religious beliefs.

And lost since so many Catholics vote for selfish reasons rather than moral reasons.

And sometimes for stupid reasons…Obama is a “ROCK STAR”. They got all caught up in the “hype”. Some of them considered “War” more important of a moral issue over “Life”.

Welp…we are still at war, people are still dying in Afghanistan, and in fact now they’re killing people for burning a copy of the Quaran.:mad: We have no more business being there now than we do invading an ally. Is there even any talk about when he’s planning to yank them all out of there? Just asking,I haven’t heard. He went into Lybia… no Congressional approval.:rolleyes: Syria…probably will do the same. Sooooo…how’s that “Anti War” rhetoric goin for ya’ll?

And if any of our “Catholic” brothers or sisters had the “life” issue as second in importance, how’s that goin for ya?:stuck_out_tongue:

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