Catholic Sermons Series

From Father Tim Finigan’s blog:

Another great replacement for the car radio on long journeys - the Catholic Sermons Series ( The list includes some meaty talks on the four last things during a mission given by Fr Issac Relyea of “Keep the Faith”. All downloadable as mp3 files.

That Mission by Fr Relyea is INCREDIBLE… he gave that Mission at the FSSP parish here in Kansas City… I wish everyone would Download it and Pass it out

I also want to add… After going through most of the series… I think everyone needs to listen to this Sermon… it details the Solemn High Mass

Check it out

Excellent! I subscribed through iTunes. I have a one-hour each way 4 days a week. I’m always looking for good podcasts.

My husband and I listened to Fr Isaac’s ‘On Death’ last night. Wow, meat and potatoes stuff. Excellent, excellent, excellent.

And for anyone who is like me and mp3/ipod ignorant, I just downloaded it onto my computer and listened from there. I don’t know how to do anything else. :o

How did you subscribe through iTunes? I can’t figure it out…

EDIT: Nevermind, I figured it out.

And for anyone who is like me and mp3/ipod ignorant…

…if you post a question I’m sure you’ll get three answers within 30 minutes. Maybe less. :slight_smile:

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