Catholic setting art? Gustave Dore- but isn't


I didn’t know where to post this- so I apologize if this is the wrong place to do so.

I have two metal lithographs and they appear to be similar to works of Gustave Dore but I have looked at hundreds of his work online and have not found those under his work.

I get the impression that these were in a Catholic setting- so I am posting here in hopes that someone will know who made those metal lithos and share information with me about those two lithos.
(First time trying to attach images, be patient)

Thanks for any assistance you can render. :slight_smile:

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So, what about these two images makes you believe that they are specifically Catholic?
They could be illustrations from a number of Christian denominations or religions.
Old Testament stories? Maybe Jewish origins? Textbooks?
I can’t make put the text below them, sorry. What about them or the descriptive text says “catholic” to you?
I don’t recognize them from anywhere, but that probably means nothing. I took Art History as well. Doesn’t mean I remember it all though…:shrug:


It’s how the theme of the text below the images suggests medical care- and Catholic Churchs were big on setting up medical places all over back then.

Clicking on the link, I can see the text on my monitor fine. Maybe it’s too small if you are trying to use a smartphone? One of them says:

“Cure for mad animal bites” Then the second one is titled “Cautions in visiting the sick” and has instructions on how to be careful. It was suggested those were hung in a medical room setting- and with religious backgrounds- not many “churchs” were involved in medical settings except the catholic history. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the input.


I just bought a beautiful book called Bible Gallery illustrated by Gustave Dore from 1880 and I didn’t see the pictures in this book. There are 100 pictures in it.


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