Catholic Sexual Morality


I understand that the Church forbids masturbation, but what about in the context of a marriage? Is mutual masturbation permissible? What about oral sex, or any other forms?

If the answer is no, to what extreme must this principle be carried? Is any touching that is intended to be arousing forbidden, even if it is not done in the genital area?

Edit: I’m sorry, should this have been posted in the “Ask an Apologist” forum? I don’t understand the difference between the two forums.


I think you will find something on this in the Ask an Apologist forum.

Here’s a thread you might find helpful:

You may also like to read Good News About Sex and Marriage by Christopher West.

I thought it was a v good book which answers some v specific questions like the ones you have.

Chastitiy in marriage should be practiced also, that is, having the correct attitude toward the marital act.



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