Catholic Shrine selling Lourdes Water

Is it appropriate for a Catholic Shrine to sell Lourdes water (i’m not sure if it was blessed) if the proceeds go to upkeep the Shrine? I was at the gift shop today of a wonderful Catholic Shrine (one of the priests who runs it seems pretty Orthodox) and came upon an ornate glass bottle of Lourdes water…it had a price tag of $10 and no donation sign…When questioned, the manager said that the customer is technically paying for the bottle, not the Lourdes water…I’m also aware that the shop proceeds go to this very large shrine with alot of property to upkeep…Since we are not supposed to “buy” Lourdes water, I decided against it although my soul felt very drawn to it… I’m starting to wonder if it would have been morally acceptable to get the water?

Also, some Shrines in my region, this one included, are open on Sundays since many people go there for the Mass …Is that the norm for many Shrines?

Would it have been OK to have “bought” the bottle with the Lourdes water? I know I can always order it via donation from France but I felt a powerful connection to this water which I did not act upon…thanks !

Was the bottle and cost of import worth $10?
That will give you the answer.

Not sure…

Well the shrine in Mexico city to Our Lady of Guadalupe has a gift shop and you can buy the holy water bottles, they have many sizes some are more ornate than others and of course display different prices.
They are however empty. After purchasing they have nearby a water fount where you can fill them up and then you need to find a priest to have them blessed.
Not an easy task in shrine with thousands of people. They have masses non stop from the moment they open until they close.
I decided to go to confession and after having finished that I asked the priest if he would bless my bottles full of water, which he did.
I don’t believe that they are selling the water at Lourdes, every Catholic worth his/her salt knows that the sin of simony is very very grave for both the participants, the seller and the buyer.


The priest/manager said the money was for the bottle and the water is included at no charge. He’s telling the truth. There is no Simony and the blessing is intact.

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Thanks…so you are basically saying that I did the right thing? I actually bought it, thought about it and then returned it 3 minutes later.This is a Catholic Shrine so I tried to convince myself it was ok and then changed my mind…perhaps this site is a better way to make a donation to obtain Lourdes water?

thank you…The priest wasn’t there but I met him earlier in the day and he seemed to be a faithful priest…it was the store manager…the store also sells the 7 day candles that you can leave in the Shrine’s Church…the price is $10…alternatively, if you walk into the church, you can make a suggested donation for $10 and light the 7 day candle that way. …

$10 sounds like quite a deal for a decent glass bottle shipped from France. Hard for me to imagine that they’re selling the water in this situation. Seems perfectly fine to me.

Yes, most shrines are open Sundays; it’s probably their busiest day. Why wouldn’t you expect that or think it wouldn’t be ok?

Thanks, Cor…I don’t know if the bottle is from France or not… i was more concerned about feeling like I could have been “buying” Lourdes water which i’m told is a sin…i should have trusted myself and God and taken it…i felt a powerful calling to it but my fear got in the way! As long as I know its not a sin, I might go back and get it…I absolutely love being at that Shrine …Since Sunday is the Sabbath, I questioned why it would be open…but I’m getting the impression that is the norm for Shrines…i hope i don’t sound judgmental! I do suffer a bit from scruples and have heard about the sin of simony and became concerned

When I was at Lourdes in France, you could fill a bottle up at no cost. There was a box
for free-will offerings, but it wasn’t mandated.

However, the gift shops in the area did sell empty bottles for collecting water at the Shrine. They were very cheap.

Most likely, the gift shop story in the OP, consists of the cost for the bottle and shipping, plus a little profit for the shop is making. If the shop can’t see a profit, it will cease to exist and then the full cost of handling and shipping of Lourdes Water from France, will be yours.

So in other words you don’t think it is a sin? I regret not haven bought it but i can always go back…i love that Shrine :blush:

No, It isn’t, and it’s not really the right way for a Catholic to view Sunday. It leads to all sorts of confusion and increase in scrupulous ideas.

In which case, you’re well-advised to consult one priest only about your concerns and refrain from opinions on internet sites.

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No it’s not a sin.

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Some Churches keep Lourdes water. I know of a Church that does. I don’t think they “sell” it, I guess, if one can, you give a donation. I once went to the Rectory of that Church, requested Lourdes water and got a little bottle.

How about all the Rosaries made with Lourdes water in them?

Purchase Lourdes water from the Oblates, I won’t link. That might be against policy here but I have gotten it in that manner too.

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