Catholic Shrines Draw Hindus, Buddhists, Muslims

Do any of you see a problem with non-Catholics praying at Marian Shrines?
I believe that Our Lady looks upon these non-Catholics as Gods children, and she will answer their prayers.

The problem is that Hindus worship many gods, or at least one god in many forms. Their prayers to Mary would be totally inappropriate If they see her as a goddess. If they believe that their prayers to her are answered, it would only strengthen their belief in their pagan religion and not bring them closer to the truth. Furthermore, allowing polytheists to offer prayers at Marion shrines would open the gap between Catholics and Protestants by “proving” the latter’s mistaken belief that we encourage “worship” of Mary and the saints. Look at it this way: Would you allow a group of new agers, who profess that Mary’s apprearences at Fatima were really a visit by a space alien, to use the site to channel messages to some distant galaxy? I see Satan’s hand in this.

Perhaps it might cause some risk of scandal, but as far as I know, every Catholic church is open to all people, regardless of what they believe, as long as they do not partake of Communion. I believe this is upheld by the administrators of the shrine.

As for their prayers to the Blessed Mother, if she would hear them, she will answer them by leading them to her Son, which is what the Virgin Mary always does. Pray that this may happen. Mary may be the way for many of these unbelievers to be led to Jesus Christ.

In Christ,

The Augustinian

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