Catholic sightseeing (or pilgrimage destinations) in London?

My wife and I are taking a short trip to London. We plan to see many of the sights that any tourist would see, whether Catholic or not. But are there any specifically Catholic sights that we should see?

We already plan to attend Mass at Brompton Oratory and at Westminster Cathedral. We also plan to visit Westminster Abbey (which used to be a Catholic church, if I’m not mistaken), and the Tower of London (where St. Thomas More was imprisoned, if I remember my history correctly). Are there other sights with special significance for Catholics that anyone would recommend?

Please note that we already have one day trip scheduled outside London, and that is really all that our schedule can accommodate. So we can only consider sights within the city of London itself, not elsewhere in England.

This was featured on a website I follow and is really pretty

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Be sure to go up the tower (additional fee) when you visit Westminster Cathedral. It’s a nice view.

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That’s where we plan to go for Mass on Sunday. I called it the Brompton Oratory, but I think its proper name is the London Oratory, as it is called in the article. Thanks for linking this article. It will help me better understand what I am seeing when we get there.

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Westminster Cathedral is a must .

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St. James’s, Spanish Place, is a church with historic associations, if you have time. It’s within walking distance (about 10 minutes) of Tyburn, where many Catholics were martyred at the time of the Protestant Reformation, though there’s nothing to see at Tyburn now except a tiny memorial plaque.

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Thanks! I really appreciate this tip. I was not aware of this church and its historical significance, but I see that it is very close to the Wallace Collection, which we are considering visiting. So we may try to see St. James church while we are in that neighborhood.

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The Jesuit Church on Farm St near Berkeley Square , the Church of the Immaculate Conception


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