Catholic Sister Going to Baptist Service

I know. If I literally have no option to get to a Catholic church where is the harm in attending a Protestant church someone invited me to? Keep holy the Sabbath day

I see your point, but there is potential harm if you’re lead to believe (or hear) error. An example of this would be the doctrine of “once saved always saved”. This could lead to grave matters. It suggests your actions do not have consequences and you don’t need confession. You see the general point. Use caution.

Then why are you listed as Catholic?

I feel for you. This happened to one of my really close friends. She decided she liked the way the Baptist church made her “feel” and decided that the Catholic Church must be the whore of Babylon in the process. Not all Baptists are like that (I have very close Baptist friends that love my Miraculous medals and Crucifixes and whatnot), but this may not end well.

I am baptized, raised and confirmed Catholic. I would be dishonest to say I agree with every church teaching. I have only attended Protestant churches by invitation or because there was literally no way for me to attend mass. Besides I do not have to explain myself to you

No, you don’t, and I hope you don’t feel like I was being a part of dog piling on you. It’s better for everyone to discuss principles in generalities so no one feels like they’re under the microscope - you in this case.

In fact, it’s not a sin to attend a Baptist service of some kind. In practice, you (generally) need to prudentially look at the situation, make sure you’re strongly founded in the faith and that you won’t be tempted away from Christ’s Church by some kind of erroneous theology.

But there’s a Baptist one.


Oh, and you can go on Saturdays. That’s what that is for,
Or you could talk tot he priest and get a dispensation to go during the week.
But, as you say, what’s the difference?

No time to write a whole book here.
Nobody’s piling, btw It’s called fraternal correction. Look it up.

Well in that case, since I didn’t need to ‘look up’ fraternal correction, I’ll take a moment to fraternally correct you.

You seriously lack kindness in your correction with your fellow Catholic and poster. You are rushing to judgment and highly abrasive when telling me to “look it up.” I hope you have a great day and take my correction with its true spirit of charity in helping you understand how to better love your fellow Catholic.

If you can’t be kind on a Catholic internet board, where can you be???

I was visiting a friend over the weekend in a town I do not live in. Is it really that serious? I do not know the city and I attended her church. It was not like I had a car or anything. I do not have prove myself to you. The Lord knows my heart.

Wait a minute, that sounded a bit judgmental from where I am standing. In my judgment, I think you are unfairly judging someone for offering their judgment. The Bible does not forbid ALL judgment (John 7:24). Calling someone’s behaviour into question is not the same as weighing the state of the soul.

I’m sorry you felt that way, I make no judgement about the state of his (or her?) soul. From my perspective, I was treated unkindly, and I am letting this person know.

“Fraternal correction” doesn’t mean “treat someone aggressively that you’ve never met on the internet.”

“Look it up”… seriously?

OH dear.
I’ve been MORE than kind to her. She has a posting history that you most likely are not familiar with.
She truly believes that you can pick and choose Catholic beliefs. That is simply not so.
I have no beef with you.
I have no idea why you interject yourself.

Correct me if I’m wrong but another just cause for going to non-Catholic services is in being a witness to any legitimate baptisms. It can seem like a regular occurrence with our separated brethren exercising powers outside the beauty of the full Catholic ritual.

Because you said “look it up” after tangentially remarking the way I wanted to make sure she knew I wasn’t piling on.

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