Catholic site hacked

I went to visit a few minutes ago and found out that it had been hacked by “The Sabotage Hackers.” Hopefully, the people who run the website know and are working to fix this.

On a side note of coincidence, I’m currently finishing my final project on cybercrime and dealing with hackers so this made me grin and groan. I wish I was the FBI agent I hope to become trained in investigating these types of crimes so I could catch these guys.

As of 9:10 pm Oregon time, the website is back to normal.

There is no point to how low anti-catholic bigots will stoop.

I was unaware of this website, so I just checked it out and it seems to be functioning. So apparently all has been repaired.

As I mentioned in the post following my OP, it was fixed the same day. I understand if you didn’t quite catch that.

On a side note, did you read any of the articles there? They have some really good ones

Yes, I did. Many of the articles were very thoughtful. I liked the ones that dealt with marriage and its benefits over not being married.

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