Catholic smartphone games for kids


I found his one : a while ago for the iPhone and I liked the fact that my toddler could pass some quiet time while learning the Saints as well. The background sounds are very pleasant as well so i didnt have to worry about that driving me crazy while the volume was on.

Are there any other educational Catholic games out there?


Not really that many aimed at kids, particularly a toddler.

My advice - just let your toddler play ordinary games on your smartphone and buy them some childrens books about the Saints etc. :slight_smile:


I think it would be best to not let a toddler play any games on your phone. They don't have the perception and maturity necessary to make the distinction between real-life and virtual gaming.


Call me old-fashioned but my toddlers nap during quiet time. Or look at books. Or play with their toys in their room. Or do a craft. We’re not hard up for things to do around here.

Although I did notice that the magazine Ladybug has a little interactive book app for the ipod/iphone. I was thinking it would be handy if you in a waiting room or something.

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