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I know this may be a long shot, but does anyone know any Catholic masters-level social workers in the Detroit area? I’ve been looking to obtain supervision for my license, but haven’t been able to find anyone. I am no longer a member of NASW (National Association of Social Workers) because I felt they conflicted with my personal beliefs, and it is through their classifieds that I may be able to find supervision. However, I can’t read them because I’m not a member? I also wanted to find someone with a Christian background because this is a very liberal field. Any ideas/recommendations? Thanks!


Catholic Charities is the first thing that came to mind.


That’s what I was going to recommend… my sister is studying Social Work in college and will have her internship with Catholic Charities in the Spring…

Good luck! :slight_smile:


Congratulations on your MSW!! I am an LCSW and I don’t join NASW because it is WAY too expensive and not very helpful.

You usually get your supervision from your job as along with your Supervision hours you will need around 3000 work hours supervised by an LCSW- that’s what MA and NC need.

I know what you are saying about SW. I follow the Church on Abortion, euthanasia and such but I am quite liberal about the role of government.

Keep in mind that you cannot practice with competence ONLY expressing Catholic ideals as certainly no therapist can. THis would not be ethical. If I have questionable situations in practice I follow the client’s lead. I will not give recommendations on receiving abortions. I would say, “you should explore this your health care provider as I really don’t keep up with that kind of stuff” or something like that.

You should be able to work with homosexuals and others who may be sinning without saying that you think this is a sin.

I hope that you know this- otherwise SW, or any kind of therapy, psychology, psychiatry was not a good choice for you. You should have done some kind of Christian Counselor Degree- these are probably not masters level and may not be as knowledgeable about intrapsychic functioning.

PM me and I will do my best to help.

Lastly there is no conflict between being a therapist and being a Catholic. Certainly don’t work in PP or something morally wrong like that but many priest and even Bishops have been or are Social Workers.

Social Workers RULE!!!


Oh yeah_ I had a great job at Catholic Charities!! Good recommendation guys! :thumbsup:
Also there are these guys.

I’ve never looked into them so I don’t know if this is a quality organization though.


I thought / am thinking about going into social work and/or law school, but since both sometimes conflict with my values, I know what you mean.

And who would have thought that BA in English is useless? (Just kidding…)


Thanks for the info. I’ve actually had my degree for a few years now; kind of a long story as to why I’m seeking supervision now.

I’m currently receiving supervision for an endorsement in a specialty area. However, it is provided by a psychologist and will not count for my LMSW. I don’t work directly with social workers at my job. I don’t absolutely have to seek out supervision from a Christian social worker, but sometimes it is nice to have that perspective. (I’m currently playing “apologist” to certain coworkers who are “Catholic”, including the one providing my supervision).

And yes, I definitely work with “sinners”, but I have gotten pretty good at meeting them where they’re at in life. And I also definitely pray for them (and have seen results!).

I suppose I’ll have to continue my internet search…I’ll PM you if I have questions.


Sounds like you are doing awesome!!

Regarding a delay in getting your clinical licesne- I didn’t get mine until. . . uh. . 7 years after I graduated. . . . :o

P.S. Since I was working for Catholic Charities (with the elderly) when a client did state they were Catholic I would sometimes say that I was too and help them get access to their parish priest and that certainly felt great! I also helped some folks guilt with not being able to go to mass by telling them that since they were elderly and homebound they shouldn’t feel bad at all. :slight_smile:


I wouldn’t worry too much about getting supervision from a Catholic social worker. Just be sure you find a competent one. You don’t sound like the type that will be adversely influenced. :thumbsup: I’m not sure how the rest would feel about this but until I got the LISW, I’d lay low on the apologetics unless you really know who you got out there. People, even social workers can be pretty mean if you don’t tow the party line. Anyway, Catholic Charities is a great place to work. Also, we have a patron for social workers: St. Louise de Marillac (1591-1660). She was St. Vincent de Paul’s right hand woman! Interesting Bio.


Yes, Catholicism can be quite unpopular in the field. These folks just don’t understand how much the Church does for the oppressed in society and how a deep faith can positively contribute to good practice.


Yes, I definitely know what you mean…I pretty much kept my mouth shut (not agreeing/disagreeing) for the first six months at my new job. I don’t work for a Catholic agency, but have “Catholic” coworkers. I’ve only recently started with some apologetics; being a quieter person, I usually try to lead by example. But, when “Catholics” complain about Respect Life Sunday, something must be said. I was charitable, though, and continue to be.


Catholics complaining about respect life sunday? Now I consider myself (horrors) an un-orthodox Catholic but respect life sunday? Silly. Well… whatever. Great luck on getting that LISW. What do you hope to be doing? Just curious.


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