Catholic song title needed, please help! Choir members, I need you!

Hello all,
I am in a tizzy over this song whose title I do not know the name of. The title I think is called “Jesus Lord of Hope” or “Jesus Lord of All”. The refrain goes like this

Jesus, Lord of hope,
" "

And the last line of the refrain ends with something like,

“Our future, our wisdom, our ___” (another two syllable word).

I know this is little to work with. It could be titled and refrained Jesus Lord of All, “” of Hope, or “” of Life. It is driving me crazy. I think it’s an older song. Please send along any suggestions you might have as to song title and additional lyrics. I’d be grateful, I hope to have this played at a wedding this Fall.

georgia04 :confused:

I guess you already did Internet searches? I came across two with the same title, Lord of All.

One starts with this verse.
Jesus is Lord of all, Jesus is Lord of all,
No sin is too big, no problem too small,
Jesus is Lord of all.

The other is by Gio Galanti and Paul Nevison and has the same title. The lyrics are quite different.

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