Catholic songs cd?

Where could I find a cd that has songs used in Mass? Like “Amazing Grace”, “Ave Maria” “How Great Thou Art”…

I want to have a cd of Catholic songs, but I don’t know where I could find one.

Good question.
I’d also be interested in a CD that has the psalms we sing in mass during the various seasons (ordinary, advent, lent, easter).

To have a CD like the one you describe, with the entrance, offertory, communion and exit songs would be really neat. There are several pieces I hear played during the offering and communion which are so uplifting.

This is why I want one. I rather have a catholic songs cd than be listening to the dumb radio shows that promote immoral life values.

There is a series available

Catholic Classics…

You can find them on amazon I think.

Thank you!! Just what I was looking for!

I agree with the posts above, but, just a note, I don’t think you want anthing with Amazing grace. Not really an appropriate song for a Catholic Mass.

Robert and Robin Kochis (husband and wife) and Marilla Ness are two artists that have numerous CDs of traditional Catholic hymns (even a few Christmas CDs, I believe) that I am happy to recommend (I listen to them in my car when the radio drivel gets to me…)

I don’t have a website for either one, but I’m sure you’ll be able to find them.

May I Ask why? We’ve sung it a few times in two different parishes I attend…

Fr. Stan Fortuna does a GREAT version of Amazing Grace on a live album.

If you google the “Catholic Music Network” you will find a wealth of Catholic music.

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Ahh… thanks!

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