Catholic Sponsored Ecumenical Retreats


I’m interested in finding out if anyone knows of any Catholic churches who sponsor ecumenical retreats on the east coast of the USA, preferably in Virginia. If I cannot find a dedicated ecumenical retreat, what about retreats for those who are simply interested in learning more about the Catholic tradition?

What kind of retreat are you looking for? You say Ecumenical, but what kind of retreat are you looking for?

Catholic retreats typically have a theme: charismatic renewal retreats, Marian retreats, silent retreats, Chastity retreats, marriage retreats, etc.

God Bless

Well, I’m single, so the marriage retreat is clearly not an option for me. :wink:

Not sure how much I’d go for a Marian retreat since I am Protestant. Maybe a silent one or something focusing on prayer/study techniques? That is what I’d love. I just want to accomplish two things: renew/enrich my spiritual life and get to know more about the Catholic tradition.

I’m not sure where you live, but I would suggest checking out the Malvern Retreat House, at least for ideas. They are outside Philadelphia and, for example, have a “Lord, Teach me to Pray” retreat on Sept 15-16.

If Philadelphia is too far, simply Google “Catholic retreat house near me.” Some are filled with options, like Malvern. Others, only offer one kind of retreat.

Good luck and God Bless

San Damiano Spiritual Life Center

Retreat Center
White Post, VA
(540) 868-9220

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