Catholic Statuary and Imagery


Are there statues, icons, or stained glass images that you find comforting, inspiring or perhaps confusing, or even annoying? Post comments and/or pictures here.


I have seen - thee most incredible - stain glass window -
a few years back - 7 years ago or so - behind the altar.
(Church was eventually boarded up/ closed. Made into condos. )
But morning mass - in the winter - the sun shining through -
It was simply stunning to behold. Dazzling.
Those were some cold masses too - lol - the heat was shut down…etc…
The basement was large too - for AA meetings.
Saint Joseph’s :innocent:


The jaundiced eye wonders as to your motives.


I’m very big on Pensive Christ, especially when I am browsing these forums.
I personally call them “Facepalm Jesus”




Our Lady of Czestochowa aka the Black Madonna


I like statues of Mary where her hands are stretched down like in the image of Our Lady of Grace or her with Jesus crowned and with scepter. I also like any image of the Sacred Heart. One thing I never cared for are crosses with the risen Christ on them.


Hello R H :slight_smile: welcome to the forums .
i would say the Divine Mercy picture of Jesus and Our Lady of the Angels are two of my favourites…but there are just so many I do love.
I’m interested which statues and images you like in particular.God bless.


Our Lady’s Image on St. Juan Diego’s tilma.



My all time favorite images


I find this statue of Mary to be repulsive.


Why do you find it repulsive? I didn’t liked it either, it kind of looks too “pagan”


That image makes me fascinated and horrified at the same time


It looks creepy, hostile and like you said, pagan.


I will be honest, I do not find the Holy Face of Manoppello image the least bit inspirational nor genuine looking. Forgive me God, but Jesus looks quite dense in this image. I just do not care for it at all.


I’m not too big on resurrectifixes…


Talk about total misuse of artistic license. When did these resurrectfixes become “a thing?” They definitely seem to belong to the age of felt banners and barren churches.


And there they should stay.



I do not like three-faced Trinity representations. For one thing, they never properly represent the Trinity, and they tend to, like analogies, represent some kind of heresy. This image, for example, can evoke modalism or “partialism.” Only the Trinitarian Shield kinda redeems it, but even then…

Further, as per ancient Christian tradition, I never find it appropriate to portray the Father. The Holy Spirit probably can be, insofar as he has been represented in Scripture by a dove or fire and so should be portrayed only symbolically as such. Only Jesus is the true Icon of the invisible God and can be portrayed, as he has a portrayable human nature.

My go-to images are:

Byzantine icons of Christ and the Theotokos (left and right sides of the royal doors);
A standard crucifix.
Our Lady of Walsingham
St. Joseph (preferably bearing or accompanied by a toddler Jesus).
The Christ the King image of the Sacred Heart.

That’s about it.

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