Catholic story about a woman who died on the highway


“The fire chief spoke first and explained that Kaydee and Mikey had come upon an accident on the freeway. They had stopped because a young girl who was involved in the accident ha gotten out of her car and was wandering dangerously out into traffic. Kaydee had gotten out of the car with Mikey to give first aid to the girl, who was bleeding from a head wound. Kaydee instructed Mikey to get a towel from the trunk o this car, and when he did, a drunk driver came crashing through the accident scene and hit the back of Mikey’s car. Mikey’s life was spared when he jumped out of the way of the speeding car. Witnesses say that Kaydee threw herself over the girl to protect her from the impact. The young girl survived, but Kaydee died instantly.

Mike would later tell me that he ran to Kaydee after the car struck her and saw her lying on her side on the pavement. He described her face at that moment as pink and radiant. All he could think to do was drop to his knees in prayer.

How beautiful that God would allow him to see Kaydee in His glory and that Mikey would have that image to remember so that the horrific sounds and sights of the accident might be blurred in his memory.”

This story is taken from an article on people “surprised by God.” at


So is Kaydee a girl or a boy?



Thank you for dharing this…


Prayers for this Kaydee, and their family


It said a woman died in the highway and I wasn’t sure if they were talking about Kaydee or someone else.


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