Catholic street art of St. Teresa of Avila with St. Catherine of Siena in Preston, UK

“Catholic street art of St. Teresa of Avila with St. Catherine of Siena in Preston, Lancashire, UK.”


I’d like to think this street art is nice and meant in good faith, so I will take it that way.

Unfortunately there are people who see that particular sculpture of St. Teresa of Avila that is depicted in the art work, in a different light.

Yes I’m afraid so. Maybe more ‘inspired by’ than ‘depicting’, one would hope but open to misinterpretation none the less. Particularly as there will be many who have not seen the original.

I thought the whole artwork is appallingly ugly, but done in good faith, as you say.

Or even know what it is supposed to be depicting.

Indeed. Perhaps there is a plaque? It would have been in the local paper as well.

Sadly you’ve introduced to me something that I wouldn’t have known otherwise :confused:
Sometimes it’s better not to make some comments.God bless.

I welcome it! Despite @Tis_Bearself’s reservations, if there’s going to be street art at all, let it be good street art! Maybe it’ll serve as an introduction to Bernini for people who have never heard of him, or who have never heard the word Baroque …


I like your positive attitude!


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