Catholic Study Bible, 2nd Edition (Paperback) Question


With the Oxford Press Catholic Study Bible, I have seen that it comes with the thumb index on the hard cover and leather versions, but does it also come that way in the paperback? I have been looking for a bible that has this in paperback and just looking to see if anyone knows the answer.

Below is the link of the bible I am talking about


I do not believe a paperback comes with thumb indexes, and since the paper of the pages are generally lower quality, sticking your own tabs on them will damage them. I have used tiny post-it note tabs on paperbacks, but always be careful turning the page.


In case anyone else is wondering, I reached out to this morning and they were able to confirm what Casilda said and this bible, in paperback, does not have the thumb index. The flexible bonded leather and hard cover do. I have a bonded leather one on the way since I wanted something that wasn’t so rigid. I just hope the bonded leather holds up or I might have to send this out to Leonard’s in the future.




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