Catholic Study Bible Recommendation?


Can anyone recommend a study bible consistent with the Catholic faith? I’m looking for something with wide margins, substantial paper (to prevent highlighter bleedthrough), extensive notes (I’m really a novice her), etc. Thanks!


I study at a catechist institute and we use a catholic study bible for youth. If you spoke Spanish it’d be a great one, but the closest I could find is on this page scrool down to the Catholic Youth Bible - New American Version It looks very similar to the one we use.

It has wide margins and the pages won’t allow highlighter bleedthrough. I can write notes on it but I am not sure how much you can fit. I write pretty small so i can write a lot in my handwriting.

Edited to add: I looked this up on amazon, and the margins don’t looks as wide as I thought. Sorry… maybe we can ask the Mods to change this to the apologetics/scacred scripture forum so you can get answers.


So you want to invest money in it?

Most definitelly look at THIS

This course is absolutelly amazing!!! :thumbsup:

Check out the video previews!

The best Catholic Bible online study (free) is I think HERE. I haven’t found a better one.


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