Catholic Study Bible. Which versions are not appropiate?


I have questions about the different bible versions. Firstly, however, I should explain that I am newly reborn into Catholicism. My parents left the church when I was young shortly after my first communion.

I really want to study and know the bible in a deep and profound manor. I first picked up a NRSV Catholic edition, I found this very hard to read. I would read passages and re-read them scratching my head. I then was on the hunt for a good study bible that will help me understand these passages and what they truly mean.

I then found the new and much talked about ESV Study Bible( A great resource, has over 20,000 footnotes, maps, charts… everything, even states that ESV is the most literal translation available, perfect for study. However it also happens to be Evangelical in theology not including the Apocrypha/Deuterocanonical texts. So I started wondering, as a catholic should I even read this bible?? Does it change scripture omit passages important to catholic beliefs?:confused:

Also, I ended up getting the audio bible “The Bible Experience” because it seemed a great dramatic performance of scripture from many stars in film and from members of the clergy. now this one is TNIV. Again, same burning questions, as a catholic should I leave this one be?:confused:

I am really lost with all this, I don’t want to study false texts and scripture. I’m not sure what I am to do. If it only omits a few things that I can easily look up after and keeps everything else intact and not teach anything against catholic beliefs then I think I can deal with that, I am just not sure if it does or not.:shrug:

Thank you for helping me resolve this burning issue.

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