Catholic study Bible with Anglicised text?


I’m looking to get a study bible, but I’m looking for one with Anglicised text. My google is failing me. Does anyone know of one to recommend?


The New Jerusalem Bible (with the full notes, not the readers edition) or the Jerusalem Bible (1966 edition, not readers edition), you can find this edition on eBay.




**The Jerusalem Bible and the New Jerusalem Bible are both good Bibles. Another Bible you may want to consider is the Knox Bible. Written by Msgr. Knox in the 1930’s from the original texts as well as the vulgate, he made it very anglicized (in a good way). In fact, he also wrote a book explaining the changes he made and for what reason, entitled: Englishing the Bible. **


Just curious, can someone explain “Anglicized” text? I’ve seen it before but don’t quite know what it means.

Never mind. Seems to mean the proper “English” spelling such as “behaviour” rather than “behavior”.


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