Catholic stuff I can listen to while working out?

I’m sorry I’m not very astute on all the current technology and related terms but I own an Iphone and would like to listen to catholic related topics while on the treadmill or working out? Almost any topic from scripture, apologetics, saints lives, narratives… whatever as long as it’s within the teachings of the church.

Any suggestions as to what I might look into and how and where I can get these kind of things?

I don’t have an IPhone but I have an Ipod and listen to EWTN pod casts as well as Catholic Answers Live.

I would recommend the Bible Stories, which cannot be taken literally (!!) of course but the stories from the cration of Man to Moses. It is a fantastic tale of how God is with us. Again, if you take it literally, you will be, like some looking for the place where Noah’s Ark landed !!! and other stuff like that.

Then, the Prophets. They are such a Tale. Jesus liked very much the Major and the Minor Prophets.

Then, the 4 Gospels and the Acts of Apostles. I would go first (my preference ) tothe Apocalypse and then to the letters of the Apostles.

Then, I would listen to the life of great saints.It is up to you to choose.

If you are a Lady, the writings of both St. Theresa of Avila and St. theresa of the Little Jesus.

An american saint: it is good to have a pride on it.

The book: Imitation of Christ.

Great Religious Songs. But here my taste is eclectic: many modern rock composers have what i call religious sons, from Bob Marley, The Queen (I wanna liver forever!- is it theirs?..)
Great classical Music.
some wonderful ones.
I have to go for they are calling me to eat but I leave you with this. Please tell me your reaction:

My favorite CD’s on a multitude of topics. They can be bought as singles though they make great gifts!

I find Busted Halo’s podcasts interesting to listen to:

+The link to EWTN’s catalogue of wonderful materials . . . as a source for your research . . . is listed below . . .

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*God bless . . . *

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Ok, thanks to all but just to be clear I do NOT have an Ipod but just an Iphone (apple). Will these still be available to me?

I believe that the I-Phone CAN play podcasts. You can go to the iTune site online and click on the podcast tab and type a search with the word “Catholic” in it. You should see the EWTN links, Catholic Answers Live, etc.

Info on loading podcasts on iPhones:

Here is a thread on what podcasts people like:

Some of the ones I like, all of which are free on iTunes:

Catholic Stuff You Should Know - fun, enjoyable podcasts by seminarians out of Denver on Catholic theology, history, culture, apologetics, etc. 15 - 20 minutes.

Catholic in a Small Town - weekly podcast by a young Catholic couple about the day-to-day lives as Catholics in a small town in the South.

The Catholic Laboratory - An English podcasts about Catholicism and science - famous Catholic scientists and their achievements, the intersection between Catholicism and science, etc.

Catholic Movie Reviews - aimed at teenagers and young adults, but I enjoy it, too. Short (5 minute) reviews of new film releases with a Catholic perspective.

Catholic Perspective on Paul - 11-part series on St. Paul and his epistles.

EWTN Bookmark

EWTN Audio Library

EWTN: Sunday Night Live, with the always interesting Fr.Bernard Groeschel.

Excuse Me, Ghidorah - Interesting podcast on Catholicism and Popular Culture - if you’re a sci-fi fan who also likes Flannery O’Connor, Tolkien, and the philosophical works of Dr. Peter Kreeft, this is a podcast for you. (type that in on the iTunes search field)- Speaking of Dr. Kreeft… He’s a professor of Philosophy at Boston College, an acknowledged expert on St. Thomas Aquinas, and always fascinating to listen to, these are some of the lectures he has done on different topics.

Hope this gives you some ideas.

When I can’t figure out what to listen to, I can always go back to the Catholic Answers Live podcasts. I downloaded every single one of them… all the way back to 1999. I think they fit on 12 DVDs at present.

Absolutely fantastic stuff on there. I listen on my drive to and from work.

Pax and God bless.

I have a CD set of the US Catholic Catechism for adults, that makes very good listening due to the way it is recorded, varying voices, music etc.

look on the bishops website

look also at apologetics CDs on CA shopping page

If you’re interested I can send you a few files I have. I think I would be able to do it through email if you like, or I might be able to set up a file drop for you on my university’s domain space.

The talks I have are Life is Worth Living and Treasure in Clay by Fulton Sheen, and you’ll have to sort through them, but a few meditations from a retreat at Mt. St. Mary’s that were taped (all mp3 files)

I really enjoy Catholic Under the Hood, it’s a podcast by a Franciscan from Steubenville who is an historian that covers topics of an historical nature from all times, areas and interests.

A good podcast on Catholic spirituality is the iPadre podcast of Fr. Jay Finelli.

I’d also go for Fr. Robert Barrons “Word on Fire” podcast. He discusses each Sunday’s readings in a short 15 minute podcast. Every one is quite enjoyable.

There are also a few Orthodox podcasts I check out but since the question was about Catholic podcasts I won’t elaborate.


Might I suggest downloading the TuneIn app and do a search for Catholic? It will bring up Catholic related radio programming from radio stations all around the Globe.

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