Catholic Tattoo Ideas

Gimme some suggestions! I’m ready to get tatted up

What’s the budget?

The only thing I’d get if I got any are HE>i and HE^i(sign for decrease)


Our Lady of Guadalupe would be the classic Catholic tattoo. Or perhaps, Shroud of Turin? Crusader cross? Divine Mercy Jesus? Sacred Heart? Papal tiara? A monstrance?


How much do you have to spend? Quality tatts aren’t cheap

No budget.

Forego it.


St. Michael!! Our Lady of Guadalupe. I plan on finishing up a religious sleeve with the Rosary.

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I was thinking the pieta.

Nice idea but it’s going to be a big piece. But if that’s what speaks to you then that’s the one. Do your research on artists. Be willing to travel for the best.


Keep it simple and keep it classic.

Chi-Rho would be good or a rosary

Remember Catholics aren’t “either/or”; we’re “both/and.”

I never understand people that want to get a tattoo not knowing what they want to get. :thinking: It makes it seem like the subject matter is secondary.


A crown of thorns on one of your biceps? It’s like barbed wire, but holy.


Yep. It seems everyone (at least everyone under 40) is getting tattoos these days. Be countercultural and don’t get one.


This guy gets it.

Sacred Heart
Immaculate Heart
Miraculous Medal
The dates you recieved the sacrements…in roman numerals.

OP, I recall you saying in an earlier thread that you were trying to lose weight. How is that going? Personally, if you are not at your goal weight, I’d hold off on getting a tattoo in case any future weight loss distorts it. However, it depends on where you are planning on getting it.

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