Catholic Teacher Fired For Protesting Planned Parenthood Files Lawsuit


After five years of positive reviews by administrators, Diss’ relationship with school officials began to deteriorate in 2007, when he protested the proposed opening of a Planned Parenthood headquarters in Portland. Although the protests happened on his own time, away from school grounds, administrators confronted him after seeing him on television speaking out against the pro-abortion group.

“As the attention mounted, [Diss] was summoned for questioning by Benson High School administrators,” the lawsuit reads. “He was interrogated about his activities by the principal and by an attorney for the District. The activities in question occurred on his own time, not at school, nonetheless he was specifically instructed not to mention the fact that he was a teacher or where he worked when making public statements.”

Five years later, things took a turn for the worse when school officials tried to force Diss to allow Planned Parenthood to make a presentation to his class. In late 2012, presenters with the Teen Outreach Program (TOP) – a teen pregnancy prevention program run by Planned Parenthood and funded by a federal government grant – showed up at Diss’ classroom unannounced to give a recruitment pitch to students. No one had told Diss they were coming, so he followed district policy and requested identification.

When the presenters identified themselves as employees of Planned Parenthood, Diss was surprised and upset. At first, he refused them access, but Principal Carol Campbell demanded they be let in, and told him that the organization would be visiting his classroom throughout the year. Diss, a Roman Catholic, felt that he could not in good conscience participate in these presentations, during which students would discuss their sexual activities and methods of contraception. He asked to be excused, but Campbell denied his request and told him he had to stay and “facilitate [Planned Parenthood’s] interactions with students,” according to the suit.

“Because (Diss) expressed his opposition to the activities of Planned Parenthood at Benson High School, he became a target of” the administration, the suit reads. “They launched a full-scale assault on the plaintiff as a teacher. He was observed and evaluated on the most minute aspects of his teaching.” He was ordered to stop drilling deficient students on their multiplication tables and factors, calling it “repetitive,” and one administrator demanded he stop using the words “God Bless” in all of his communications with staff, students and parents.

He was later accused of “unprofessional, intimidating and/or harassing behavior” by school officials over comments students said he made in opposition to Planned Parenthood, including his assertion that “they kill over a million babies every three years.” It was this allegation that district officials would ultimately use to justify his firing.

Was he harassed?


I’m still reading the story and it is provocative, did you leave out the link?

I think this is it.




I’d think Diss would stand a good chance to win at his lawsuit which is being aided by the Life Legal Defense Foundation.

So it’s quite a story, Diss, the teacher appears on TV at some sort of pro-life rally the way I understand the story. Subsequent events have this TOP, Teen Outreach Program, a Planned Parenthood Federal Grant group going to a class room where Diss was teaching and possibly, intimate sexual talk would be involved in the meeting with students?? He writes “God Bless” on his official messages among faculty (not students from what I read) at the school it sounds like.


how can people not see the devil at work here?!?!?!?

I pray that The Lord uses this man and this situation to spread His Gospel.


Thanks be to God for this man standing up for unborn babies. I pray that he wins and the district is forced to change their policies for the better.



The left will tolerate a lot of sexual diversity including abortion, but it will not tolerate anyone speaking ill of Planned Parenthood, the largest abortion provider in the nation.


I’m on the left.

I tolerate people speaking ill of Planned Parenthood just fine.

I encourage you to be more circumspect with your accusations of intolerance and bias.


The leftists in power are very different from you - they are not tolerant of opinions that diverge from the leftist worldview. There may be a handful of tolerant leftists. But you are an tiny majority. Scratch a leftist, find a fascist.



Well I’m certain we will hear quite a bit from those on the left denouncing this then, correct?

(We both know all we will hear from the left is crickets on this issue.)


The obvious dawned on me last night, a Catholic School should offer this man a job, in that area or perhaps, Mr. Diss could see another part of the country.


Catholic schools don’t always pay that much.

We don’t know how many children this man has so finances might be such that he had hoped to get to 20 years and a pension. It seems he put up with alot and I think he should have sued for more, at least 600 thousand as the lawyers will take 1/3.

He may not be able to continue in his field as the teacher’s union is not going to fight for him which is really a ripoff as he would have had tenure, pay raises and a nice retirement.

I hope he wins and that part of the settlement is that they have to re-instate him in his job.


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