Catholic Teaching and Immunization Policy


Can you provide data to back this claim? Was there a particular Golden Age of vaccine compliance? The data I was able to locate seems to indicate the opposite, i.e. that nationally, vaccine compliance has been on a continuous upswing since the 1960s.


But that’s everybody. We all “participate” with other children, whether we’re raising them or encountering them at family reunions and public places.

Should the vaccine schedule be mandated for all adults, as well? Are your immunizations up-to-date?


I haven’t yet seen the film save for the intro, but I would encourage you to read a recent CAF thread on how to present a valid rebuttal. How to disagree well: 7 of the best and worst ways to argue


the documentary simply interviews pediatricians, scientists and doctors involved with vaccines and it not only exposes all the potential risks which will affect many healthy children receiving the massive schedule of vaccines, but it also traces the growth of the number of chemicals that are being injected in children and the increased potential for developing diseases later in life by the effect they are having on the immune system. There was a time when I trusted everything the government said and told me to do, and the CDC was the infallible authority on what chemicals should be injected into children. But the video is transparent, they believe in vaccines, but not the rate and number which they are now injecting children with; what the documentary reveals is that you are not being told all the many potentially tragic side effects you are immediately exposing your healthy child to by injecting the massive amounts of chemicals into their little bodies. it’s not only about the tragedies affecting a segment of healthy children, it’s about the cocktail of unnatural chemistry that is being put into healthy bodies. it’s one thing to put your faith in the government, it’s another thing to be informed of everything you are not being told as you sign all those consent forms.

Before I watched the entire series I was incredulous and angry that people would question the CDC. i’m not one to be gullible; the problem is that corruption can enter anywhere; if it can enter the Church, it can certainly enter pharmaceitical companies and government agencies and lobbyists, especially when there are tens of billions of dollars involved.

do yourself a favor and become informed. this is not a conspiracy theory video.


A conspiracy is simply an agreement between two or more people to engage in unethical activity. This actually happens on a regular basis, especially via conflicts of interests, in the pharmaceutical industry.

Conflicts of interests are not conspiracy theories. That doesn’t make all vaccine safety-affirming research in any way invalid, but healthy skepticism and critical thinking are certainly warranted.


This is actually probably a school district rule. I work in a state that in the last year very much tightened up its vaccination requirements. It’s a mess. People who thought they were up to date found out they weren’t.

If I understand your question correctly,
The Church neither demands nor forbids vaccination.

It is up to the prudential judgement of the individual.

And I don’t believe the Church has weighed in on government mandated vaccines either.


Fair enough. So we’re left with no choice to concede, vis-a-vis the Precautionary Principle, that at least one child is suffering a severe or fatal adverse vaccine reaction for the greater good of the Herd.


Or out of an attempt to have that safety for themselves.


That is the intent, yes.


Would you at least want to seek a second or third opinion if any of these professionals gave you questionable advice?


So it seems to me that while the greater good of herd immunity benefits the personal benefit exists as well. One of the reasons governments insist on vaccinating children is for that personal benefit.


It’s a fair point and certainly the intent of national immunization programs. I think it would hold if vaccines are 100% safe and 100% effective. But alas, vaccines are not a black and white issue.

One case in point: The vaccinated children at our nearby school currently suffering from pertussis underwent the indemnified medical risk-taking of immunization without the benefits that it was supposed to confer. Worse, children in this situation are going to school thinking they have colds and spreading a vaccine-targeted illness from which they believed they were immune. Apparently, this is not uncommon. (Look up “pertussis” “waning immunity” in your favorite scholarly database). These is making me all the more cautious with my own vaccinated children.


By the same token, as has already been mentioned, seatbelts carry a personal risk. But that risk has been shown to outweigh the benefit. From the numbers even on a purely personal basis vaccines are worth it.


Mine certainly are!


Ditto! Last time I got involved in a talk like this it prompted me to go get more (including the chicken pox vaccine, I was too old when that came out to get it and never caught it; but I hear it’s really bad to catch as an adult).


Yep. In a few years it will time for me to get the shingles vaccine. Can’t be soon enough for me!


I did some digging around on this topic. From a purely pragmatic standpoint, mandates are apparently aren’t quite what they’re cracked up to be.


I hear what you’re saying, but we have vaccines precisely because there are dangerous diseases out there.

Any individual who gets vaccinated and develops a reaction could equally have contracted the disease and died.

There is a risk, and unfortunately, there is no way to predict who will get the disease or who will have a reaction to the vaccine.

Is it scary? Yes. The best you can do in this world is to learn all you can and try to stack the odds on your favor.

But even doing all the right things won’t guarantee the outcome you like :slightly_frowning_face:


This would place you in a sizable minority.

I find this fascinating because depending on which poll you consult, a much higher percentage of Americans are demanding mandatory vaccination for school-children. But casually communicable pathogens don’t care how old you are. It’s not like children are unique little vectors for disease transmission; we just expect them to bear the burden of public health. Rights for me, but not for thee . . . as the saying goes.


I will stick with peer reviewed research, WHO, the CDC, and other reliable sources.

Opinion is not fact in my book.

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