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Catholic Teaching and Immunization Policy


I agree. My decision to immunize my children did not come easily. I’m glad I did it, and that they came through it OK. But it did seal my belief in vaccine choice.

Must go - family calling.


I think it’s more that people innately care about the safety of children more. We want to protect them. Plus children are more at risk when they do get sick. I know Australia also has things in place for vaccinating the elderly under that same premise.


Do you know why vaccines are failing?


Look up what pertussis looks like. Then let me know if you want your child to suffer with it - or anyone’s child.


If you honestly believe the word conspiracy means

then there’s nothing I can say to change your mind, and I won’t try.

But I will pray your children never become ill.


Yes, the problem is how the facts you are reading are being presented. at leastwatch this 4 minute segment on Fox News about the issues at stake. I’m interested in your response. See why you think: thanks


I prefer the peer reviewed variety. But thanks.


Because Fox news is known to be a bastion of unbiased reporting? :thinking:


I’m not trying to trap you, I’m trying to get your opinion on what Robert Kennedy said on the issue on the number of vaccines children are getting today and his view of the CDC. What is your reaction to what he said?


I am honestly about to head out the door to RCIA - I will watch it when I get home. You have my word.


Ok. Thanks!


Well, I did take the time to watch.

The amount of mercury in fish compared to vaccines containing thiomersal in no way comparative.

The proclamation that the Center for Disease Control and Prevention is in ‘ Big Pharmas’ back pocket seems a little over the top, but, at any rate are not supported by the figures he states.

The testing and approval process is overseen by the, in the US by the Food and Drug Administration. Fees charges food, drug, medical device, and vaccine manufacturers are determined by them.

John Oliver’s anti-fish comment, however, was just plain strange (humor).


And that’s where the other documentary I posted gets into. The amount of mercury in the combined vaccines dwarfs the amounts they warn are dangerous. The documentary is worth watching.


I believe I have seen this, but I will watch it. I did not include in the prior reply, many manufacturers are making and others are trying to reformulate vaccines with no thiomersal. Additionally, the different salts or forms of mercury have differing toxicity.


Then definitely watch this short video with Robert Kennedy going into the Thimerosol doses, very interesting:


It’s not a matter of what I “believe”; it’s simply an accepted and widely used definition.

They’re vaccinated. But OK.


Thank you. I am aware of what Robert F. Kennedy’s view is. He is a pretty well known environmental attorney, author, and activist ( not a bad word).


This actually isn’t true. First, as I demonstrated above, vaccination rates are high and stable. And at least for mumps, influenza, and pertussis, non-vaxxers have not caused vaccines to fail.

I don’t have time to post copious amount of links, but I’ll focus on pertussis.

I have plenty more but don’t wish to overwhelm anyone. Cheers!


Did they use aborted fetuses to produce their products?


Hi pnewton,
Why should this be forfeit, in your opinion? Is it a protection issue? A punishment issue? Something else?


Yes. Some are required for my job, in fact. That is exactly the point, not that one cannot be in public. Rather, that a school has the right to ask all children how can be immunized to do so in order to attend. There are a handful of children that cannot for a valid medical reason have one or more immunizations. It is no different in principle than sending children home when they run a fever to protect other students.

You miss the point, or actually, you illustrate it. Immunizations are a matter of medical science, not philosophy or theology. We have developed an internet mentality that science is a matter of argument and rebuttal. It is not. It is a matter of study, employing the scientific method. One rebuts science with science, like failing to replicate results (as in the autism study), finding flaws in the methods, or providing additional evidence, not by weaving theories. For example, the description of the video below contains one scientific accusation, and even that is iffy (the statistical criticism). The rest is little more that ad hominem( attacking the sources, not the science), good for the masses, bad for real science.

If it were just a science video, then I am sure peers would be in a better position to review it and respond than anyone here.

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