Catholic Teaching and Immunization Policy


I realize that this issue spawns a lot of righteous anger, but I’m wondering if we can take it down a notch or two? (((Batting lashes pleadingly)))


It’s INACCURATE. Holy smokes.

You’re not injecting dead baby cells. That’s not how it works.

Clearly you’re not willing to actually look up how using stem cell lines works. But at least stop posting information that is so far from the truth it’s outrageous.


You’re right - that’s a fair call.

Point taken. :two_hearts:


I wish I was, I really wish I was. I’m not that talented. But I have talked to people who do work on this sort of thing. The developers - the guys and gals doing the work - they do care. A lot.

Not all of them - I won’t say that. But so, so many of them do. There are more Christians and Catholics in these industries than they get credit for - and they’re not all corrupt. I promise.


Oh that I know! I’m acquainted with a wonderful, ethical Catholic epidemiologist.

A lot of time it boils down to the System vs the people in it. By way of analogy, I have a huge beef with overcrowded classrooms and fed-ed, but there are tireless, dedicated teachers that I just love. The latter have no control over these larger problems.

No mas tonight! I need some shut-eye!


I didn’t know that interviews broadcast on EWTN were outrageously far from the truth. I thought that EWTN was a broadcaster that Catholics could trust?
For those who trust EWTN please see:
Forsaking God For the Sake of Science
Aborted Fetal Cell Line Vaccines And The Catholic Family
A Moral and Historical Perspective


Just because you see something on a reputable station doesn’t make it reputable. Even the BBC and Al Jazeera screw up sometimes.


How do you know you haven’t been brainwashed by government propaganda? After all whistleblowers from the CDC are among the people sounding the alarms.


(Unintentional - and I apologize) Arrogant answer? The education I paid a small mortgage for. Being surrounded by people actually doing the work.

Average answer? Peer reviewed research and common sense (which also comes off as arrogant). Seeing what happens when people aren’t vaccinated firsthand while working (and going to school within) a tertiary level referral center. Being raised by two people who grew up in the era before vaccines and by two sets of grandparents born when many kids didn’t live to see five - and three of them were born before the Titanic sank.

Having more vaccines than the average American and having nothing wrong with me physically, nor with thousands of my peers who have more vaccines than the average American.

Reading a lot of peer reviewed literature in the name of assisting others who call with vaccine concerns, and having provider teams and myself work on getting answers for them (every once in a while someone calls with questions about Gulf War Syndrome and contaminated anthrax - oh, there’s a grain of truth but not what these websites that look legit and aren’t would have you believe, and the truth is SOOOOOO far removed from the myths it’s ridiculous - so two providers and myself got down to work and educated ourselves, then took that knowledge “live”).

I’ve read the scut and I’ve read the research. I’m siding with science.

Not everything is a conspiracy. Do you really think the bogged down Federal government has the time, the smarts, or the ability to hold down all that? I work for them - I can tell you the unequivocal answer is just no, they don’t and especially not in the FB and iPhone era.


I swear to you I am not running out on you.

It’s past my bedtime. I don’t want you to think I’m avoiding conversation. I’m not. I just have to go to bed. :heart_eyes:

I will be on leave starting tomorrow night…I will chat more later. No hard feelings…just debate. I’ll be nice. :wink:


Everything you say sounds reasonable, the problem then is that you are saying that all of the doctors, scientists and whistleblowers at the CDC that paint a different picture, are either lying, or not very bright. I just want the truth. You said that everything all the evidence you reviewed shows that vaccines are perfectly safe, and that the people raising concerns are untrustworthy and spreading lies; that all the families who are convinced their children got brain injuries or suffered the gamut of other reported problems from vaccines are simply being paranoid, as the evidence shows the injuries have absolutely nothing to do with vaccines. Your point is that we all have to trust the evidence.

So why is there a Vaccine Injury Fund that has paid out more than $3 billion in compensations? And why did they stop using Thimerosol if it wasn’t causing any injuries? And if they stopped using it in vaccines because of dangers, why are they still using it in flu shots that they give to pregnant mothers?

And the obvious question then is, how do you know the data used in official reports for people to review and study was not adjusted and skewed in the first place? That’s the whole point of the whistleblowers. they say the data was manipulated. Doctors are usually too busy to verify anything, all they do is tell us what the CDC says.

What’s more, there’s an epidemic of all sorts of other brain injuries and cancers where scientists have no clue where they are coming from. Cancers and brain injuries are not coming from nature, they mostly come from chemicals or other man-made things that are introduced into the natural environment and human beings are getting it inside their bodies.

Maybe you’re too young to remember when the public was presented with overwhelming evidence put out by government agencies, with unquestionable proof explained by official expert testimonies about the existence and immediate threat of WMDs in Iraq. Such evidence was necessary to sway the public to support a massive war in The Middle East. They even showed satellite images of where exactly the WMDs were. But 500,000 dead people later, countless innocent lives ruined, and destroyed nations, the evidence had been manufactured and included in official reports to make their case for everyone to believe.

It makes one start to distrust the official government narrative. Especially when money is at the center of everything, and expert lobbyists and an army of taking heads are hired to argue on their behalf, and ridicule, explain away and intimidate any objections. Propagnds machines become expert data manipulators and, and all we the public can do is trust them.


Why not? Do you not trust Big Pharma? why exactly wouldn’t you sing the praises if their products are a huge blessing to the public?


I watched all six episodes. Before watching them I was convinced the CDC was trustworthy and that all vaccines were necessary and safe. I recommend watching all six episodes.


It’s not an either/or proposition. You can use necessary things produced by a company without trying to canonize them. And yes, vaccines are a huge blessing to the public. Although the zero-population-growth folks might not agree.


After seeing the piece with the graphic on Autism, I will have to say no thank you. I will respect you, but that is misleading. To explain that, requires delving into diagnostic criteria, and this is not the place for that.


Because my rational thought tells me they are also a business, and they and the FDA have made mistakes in the past.

Few things are infallible. I’m not crazy enough to suggest they are.

I’m sorry, but as I believe vaccines are for the most part safe, you won’t convince me of otherwise. There have been “rational” naysayers on this topic for decades, but evidence outweighs the few. Easily researched evidence, to boot.


I noticed that. Very telling.


Well, the increase in Autism is certain real. And it’s not coming from nature.


None of my children have been vaccinated for anything. They are all doing just fine.


Coming from changes in criteria in diagnosis.

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