Catholic teaching on DNR- "do not resuscitate"?

My brother has been in the hospital for a couple of weeks with serious medical problems
along with advanced age. He has asked whether DNR was suicide and I told him “no”, but beyond that what is the Catholic Church’s teaching on “do not resuscitate”?

The Church does not have an explicit teaching that covers DNR’s and every situation in which they might be applicable. Generally speaking the Church teaches that we must administer ordinary and proportionate care to the sick and dying. However the individual does have the right to refuse extraordinary and disproportionate care.

CDF’s Declaration on Euthanasia

…it will be possible to make a correct judgment as to the means by studying the type of treatment to be used, its degree of complexity or risk, its cost and the possibilities of using it, and comparing these elements with the result that can be expected, taking into account the state of the sick person and his or her physical and moral resources.
…But for such a decision to be made, account will have to be taken of the reasonable wishes of the patient and the patient’s family, as also of the advice of the doctors who are specially competent in the matter.
…It is also permissible to make do with the normal means that medicine can offer. Therefore one cannot impose on anyone the obligation to have recourse to a technique which is already in use but which carries a risk or is burdensome. Such a refusal is not the equivalent of suicide…
…When inevitable death is imminent in spite of the means used, it is permitted in conscience to take the decision to refuse forms of treatment that would only secure a precarious and burdensome prolongation of life, so long as the normal care due to the sick person in similar cases is not interrupted.

A DNR is not suicide if it is ordered to avoid disproportionately prolonged suffering.

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