Catholic text messages?

Hi everyone,

I’m wondering if there are any programs that are sort of like Catholic text alerts, where they send you Scripture verses or prayers or something. the only ones I’ve found are Protestant ones. Does anyone know of a Catholic one?


Subscribing. I’m interested in this too.


I dono if this is what you want.
I get daily messages from American Catholic org

It is messages from Saint Anthony Press and the Franciscans

I hope it helps

Dear Kimmielittle and Jeanne71350,

What Saint Anthony Press and the Franciscans seem to be doing is providing brief text messages which are sent via email into your PCs.

Do you know if any Catholic group is doing text messaging- exchanging short text messages between mobile phones over cellular networks? This technology is popularly known outside the USA as SMS (Short Messaging System).

SMS is quite a different ballgame from email since people tend to carry their mobile handphones with them and can be easily reached almost anytime on an ad hoc basis. Such messages can be highly personalised for individuals, families or groups of individuals. This would be a highly effective way of spreading the Good News to young people and working adults. The disadvantage is cellular networks charge for each SMS message. Each message is charged only a pittance but costs of operating the service tend to escalate rapidly with the scale of operations and the number of messages exchanged.

But wouldn’t Jesus and His apostles make use of modern technology (radio, TVs, jet planes, cellphones, etc) if they were alive today instead of 2000 years ago?

For a number of years I used to get one text message each day which had “words of wisdom” from Pope John Paul II. When my phone memory got full with them, I would write them all down before deleting them! Can’t remember when I unsubscribed, but I guess it was before he died in 2005… So I don’t know if the messages are still on the go - maybe from the current Holy Father - nor do I know what company operates the system, and if it was/is only available in Ireland. Some of those short sentences were very profound though.

We are currently working on a web-site “Catholic text message” . com when completed it will provide all kinds of services enabling the end user to custom taylor this application to aid in building up the Catholic Church through, spiritual development, communication and evangilization. for the entire community.

God Bless,

Also, some mobile providers permit sending email through SMS. I use the address and anything sent to it goes as a text message to my phone. Just an additional option in the meantime.

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