Catholic themed films of Hollywood

I’m looking for Christian themed films from hollywood. I don’t want straight religious movies that only deal with religion, but rather pop culture films that have (subtle) or even noticeable Christian themes. Not just a positive one but a Christian.

It’s kind of hard to explain, but if you have any ideas please let me know.

I know this is too obvious but:

*]The Lord of the Rings (:p)
*]The Secret life of Bees- not catholic, but thoroughly Marian
*]The Hunchback of Notre Damme- also Marian and presents the Catholic background very positively.
*]Ben Hur
*]Quo Vadis (Ben Hur and Quo V. are explicitly Christian but very good films nonetheless)
*]The Sound of Music
*]Sister Act
*]Jane Eyre (presents a beautiful picture of virtue and chaste love)

I Confess
Come to the Stable

Two I can think of off the top’o’me head.

High Noon :thumbsup: [1953] is an oldie but goodie that fits your description. It is a western about a lone marshal who must face five outlaws who came to town to kill him. He had just married a Quaker woman who, of course, is anti-violence, which is worked into the theme. The climax is particularly moving. It won four Oscars and was nominated for three others.

If the real-life story of the 4 Chaplains ever gets shown in the movies, please do watch it. :3

Keeping the Faith

A Time to Remember.

A very nostalgic story of a young boy during the 50s that just wants “to be a good singer.”
Extra points if you come from an Italian-American family like me, you will see your family in this Christmas story.

I watch it every year after viewing it on EWTN about 10 years ago. And cry my eyes out every time. Yeah, I am a big baby. :wink:

Return to Me

Forrest Gump - he has many Christ-like qualities - namely his unconditional love for Jenny - how he just keeps welcoming her back no matter what she does or does to him

You should check out Dominick and Eugene - very underrated film from the late 80’s, beautiful, while it does involve a couple of Italian Catholic brothers, it is not strictly a religious picture - it’s just awesome, I promise

Bella - kind of obvious, but still great

The Maldanado Miracle - obvious, but another underrated gem

Shenandoah - an epic tale of fatherhood and family, Jimmy Stewart’s in it - you can’t go wrong

Sorry…one more…

Les Miserables

The Robr

Thr Shoes of the Fisherman


“Three Godfathers” with John Wayne, directed by John Ford - (two Catholics!) a western about 3 good natured rogues who help deliver a dying woman’s baby and protect it at Christmas…

I just love this thread; it’s really made me think…
Old Man – this was a Hallmark Hall of Fame TV movie, but if I remember correctly the screenplay was written by Horton Foote, and I know for sure it was based on a William Faulkner short story. Anyway, it’s a beautiful story about a man keeping his word, carrying out a task till the end, in spite of some pretty traumatic events, all the while he is an inmate serving 20 years for a stupid crime he committed as a teenager – this task is to rescue a pregnant woman stranded in a tree in the great 1927 Mississippi River Flood. Not to give too many spoilers, it is a truly great example of protecting the innocent, guarding one’s heart, friendship, penance, and redemption, not to mention some great Cajun music.
Rocky I
The last Rocky movie made, Rocky Balboa

Sounds like a take-off of Of Human Bondage.

On the purely moral level, I would suggest The Hunger Games. Although it keeps away from religion period, there are many noticeable Christian moral themes in it.

Kingdom of Heaven is another good movie, set in the time of the Crusader king Baldwin IV. Although rather historically inaccurate, and portraying several clergy as rather corrupt, it nonetheless has some good Christian themes. Nonetheless, it seems to be almost a mixture (Balian, portrayed as a supposed perfect knight goes and commits adultery without any sign of remorse, for instance).

Awesome movie! :thumbsup:

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