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Besides, Scott Hahn, can someone please let me know the names of faithful Catholic theologist? By theologist, I mean someone is has published peer-reviewed articles.

Dr. Peter Kreeft
Father Mitch Pacwa
Father Robert Spitzer
There are many others, EWTN always seems to have a new Theologian on so you can check EWTN out.

The term you are looking for his theologian.

There are boatloads of theologians in the Catholic Church. Is there a particular area of theology you are interested in?

Scott Hahn, as far as I know, has never published a peer-reviewed article, though I could be wrong. If we’re going with only peer-reviewed article publishers, you’re extremely limiting your options.

I’d look more at who has the imprimatuer and who has actually published works by valid theological publishing agencies.

Personal favorite of mine: Tim Staples.

Yes, you are right. I meant theologian. Again, I am looking for theologians who have published peer reviewed articles. No particular area.

Regretfully, I do need peer-reviewed articles. Scott Hahn has been published in the Journal of Biblical Literature and Catholic Biblical Quarterly both of which are peer-reviewed.

Thank you. I did find articles by Dr. Kreeft and Fr. Spitzer. I did not find anything by Fr. Pacwa.

Joseph Ratzinger comes to mind.

However, he’ll be easier to find under the name Pope Benedict XVI, seems most of his works published since he has became Pope have started to use his taken name and title, even on works that were released before his election.

Have you tried St Thomas Acquinas? I don’t know how much more there is to Theology then his Summa Theologica, it makes the Bible look like light reading.

If you’re trying to do research on a theological topic, you’re going about it backwards. You would do better to consult an index such as ATLA (from the American Theological Library Association).

However, to help answer your question about theologians publishing in peer reviewed journals, you might take a look at who publishes in some of these which are oriented toward Catholicism. There will be Catholic theologians publishing in non-Catholic or not-specifically-Catholic journals as well.

Biblica: The Pontifical Biblical Institute’s Journal
Catholic Biblical Quarterly
Communio: International Catholic Review
Ephemerides Theologicae Lovanienses: Louvain Journal of Theology and Canon Law

Though they’re no longer living, Fr. Henri de Lubac, SJ, and Cardinal Avery Dulles, SJ, were both very talented theologians who wrote many books and articles and gave lectures and sermons too. I don’t know what they’ve each specifically written but I do know each has appeared in theology journals as both the topic and the writer.

I am definitely searching ATLA. However, I am looking for theologians whose theology is inline with the Magisterium. Many of those on ATLA are not.

Thank you but again, I am looking for peer-reviewed journal articles (or something similar).
Regretfully Benedict XVI has not written any peer-reviewed journal articles that I am aware of.

Thank you. I will have to check these two out.

Joseph Ratzinger, “Das Problem der Transubstantiation und der Frage nach dem Sinne der Eucharistie,” Theologische Quartalschrift 147 (1967) pp. 129-158.

You may want to look at Homiletic & Pastoral Review at

I’m not sure that this is what you are looking for but I thought I’d throw it out there.


Yes. You are absolutely right. Thank you.

Tim - That is not really what I was looking for but one of the articles in it will be very helpful to me. Thank you very, very much.

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