Catholic theology slanderizings


On the radio today, I again heard some representative of a Protestant church go on and on, railing, about “works”.

It’s a bogus matter: if you believe and have faith, this will be reflected in the way you treat people, in the way you act, in the (more positive) things you do.

I’m sure this idea might be more subtle than the radio talker might be able to grasp. . . but why does this false dichotomy or bogus argument keep getting repeated? One would think Protestants have heard the Catholic view on the matter.

Complementary to this, it’s always interesting to hear Protestants explain away fellow Protestant sinning by saying that they never really HAD grace or faith. . . they just THOUGHT they did.


I believe that if you really truly listen to what Paul and James both have to say regarding faith and works, you will realize the real truth of the Christian life.


Paul’s a great example, like you say.

He didn’t have faith. . . then DID and look at his WORKS!:slight_smile:


"At the end of our life we will not be judged by ow many diplomas we have received, how much money we have made, or how many great things we have done. We will be judged by ‘I was hungry and you gave me to eat. I was naked and you clothed me. I was homeless and you took me in.’ "

-Mother Teresa

When will Protestants admit that even if we are saved by Faith, we will be judged on our Works.

They go hand in hand and “…Faith without Works is dead.”


I guess my thing is, there are about 10-12 old canards, bogus or fraudulent representations about Catholicism.

And a part of me has a hard time believing that full-time, reasonably well-trained ministers haven’t taken the time or trouble to really study these canards that get tossed around about Catholicism.

If I were a Protestant minister, I’d want to know about the Catholic church’s teachings. And also the teachings of Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, etc. Instead, some of these guys just sound like they’re living in 1910 or something. Unreal.:slight_smile:


I agree with your post here.

And I can affirm that Roman Catholicism and Holy Orthodoxy are alike on this point. Sola Fide is a false teaching.

Works (or ‘deeds’) are the fruit of Faith. Faith that is not manifested in performance, in behavior, in personal choices is a weak faith, or as St James does write…dead.

Do your good deed…not for special recognition, not for gain, but because it is good. Christ is good, let’s put on Christ.



Work carries two things here

  1. Works are fruit of Faith YES is true
  2. Faith manifest out via Holy Spirit of which you will also do good deeds (meaning you really do good things like helping others…blar…blar), very automatic and not for merit

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