Catholic thoughts on Childbirth

What is the Catholic thought on inducing childbirth in pregnant women who are over due. It seems to be common practice in some clinics. I’ve had friends who just were too tired and it made life difficult taking care of their other children being pregnant and had labor induced in the 9th month if the baby is past due. And I’ve also had military friends who had to induce labor because they were unsure if their husband would be deployed. I’ve heard mixed opinions on the issue. I can understand the readings that I’ve found that inducing labor much early for medical reasons for the health of the mother which may result in the death of the child would be not good. But I never found anything on induction of labor after 36-40 weeks with no risk for the baby and with the intention of getting it out to raise it and love the baby. I always thought it was a gift to have modern medical science to allow this after 40 weeks, if there is no harm to the baby. No? True or not so true?

I’m not aware of any teaching against inducing child birth.


I’m not sure why there would be a specific teaching on this? Usually labor is induced for medical reasons before 40 weeks. It’s pretty standard to induce after 42 weeks because risk of stillbirth begins to increase.

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My first baby was induced it was after 40 weeks. He asked if we wanted to wait a day or give the induction a try. My other children were not, different hospitals, I matured. Most of my younger friends have induced labor during their due week for the reasons I mentioned. Their docs simply ask, want to get this done already? And they go for it.

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