Catholic to Non Catholic Marriage?


I’m wondering what the state of my parents marriage is. My Catholic mother had a civil marriage for two years. She divorced and then married my father, a Protestant, in the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod. My mother, years later, received an annulment for her first marriage from the RCC.

Her understanding (from something said at the time of her annulment) is that her current marriage to my dad is valid according to the Church. Is this correct?


It would be best for her to sit down and discuss this with her pastor. Then all information and questions can be hashed out properly.

But just based on the information given:

Since the annulment was granted after the marriage to your father, that marriage was probably done without the bishop’s dispensation to marry outside the Church. If so then the Church would require either a convalidation of the marriage, or the marriage to be performed in the Church. Again, these matters are VERY hard to accurately hash out online. In person with her pastor is best. I would recommend setting up an appointment to discuss these matters fully.

I would suggest being delicate about the matter, and encourage the face to face with the priest. If presented the wrong way, people can take this information as an insult to them and their marriage. It has to be handled gently. And be REAL careful when you discuss with her.

Parents sometimes can react negatively if this information is presented to them by their children. It’s called the Powdered Butt Syndrome. Once you’ve powdered someone’s butt (i.e. changed their diapers), you no longer want their opinion on many personal matters. Tread gently.

God bless.


Based on the fact that the annulment was received after after she married your father, she would need to convalidate the marriage to your father in order for it to be valid.


As others have said, it would seem that some action would be required after your mother received the ruling of nullity for the first marriage in order that the marriage to your father would be recognized by the Church.

However it is possible that such action was taken. Perhaps there was a radical sanation.


Since it seems as if your mother initiated the annulment process, it is likely that this was done as part of a bigger goal of regularizing the marriage situation. If in doubt, she can check with the priest who was her advocate for the annulment.



:extrahappy: That is one I have not heard before, but is definitely a keeper!

And excellent advice of the OP.


It would be best for all the facts to be told to a priest, and he might have some questions to ask.

Catholics are supposed to be married in the Catholic Church, unless they have a dispensation from the Bishop to be married in the Protestant Church of their intended spouse.


Good advice.:thumbsup:


Why are you asking?


My father would like to know.


Thanks to all for the information and suggestions.


If she was a Catholic when she married then it is not valid unless she has the approval of the Catholic Church. When she got the annulment, she may have also gotten a radical sanation or convalidation then too, so you would need to know that to answer your question.


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