Catholic Tom Perez Elected DNC Chair


Catholic Tom Perez Elected DNC Chair


" Congratulations to Thomas Perez, who has just been named Chairman of the DNC. I could not be happier for him, or for the Republican Party!"


As someone who supported Bernie Sanders, I wish Tom Perez and his deputy chair Keith Ellison all the best. It is now time I would say for the party to move beyond the Clinton-Sanders divide and unite. As Perez said, Democrats love their country and can not afford to be divided. I would say Democrats, both moderates and progressives, need to move forward together.


Sanders isn’t a Democrat (he’s an Independent that ran as a Democrat at election time). There is certainly a divide, but I would characterize it as Clintonian vs Obamonian.


Do you really think that will happen?


You must be out of the loop. Bernie Sanders is remaining an independent which he was elected as in his last Senate run. But he caucuses with the Democrats and is working with the Democratic Party in our major 2 party system. He sees the difference between Democrats and Republicans and has made that very clear.


There will always be some who will not unite but for the most part yes.


Tom Perez and Keith Ellison :eek: I agree with President Trump, I couldn’t be happier for the Republican Party :D.


I wouldn’t get too happy if I were Trump and you if you both know anything about American politics and the ebb and flow.


He must have been relieved it wasn’t one of the shark billionaires.


The burning question for everyone is whether Alan Dershowitz will remain in the Democratic Party now that Keith Ellison was not elected DNC Chair but Deputy Chair? Dershowitz threatened to leave the party if Ellison were elected Chair of the DNC.


I did read that, but I think he said he would still vote for the best candidate if they are democrat.


Not too worry. Some republicans are right on cue on screwing this us.


I actually have never heard of Tom Perez. I don’t know a thing about him. Hopefully, he will be better than Debbie.


No, I’m not out of the loop. He’s not a Democrat. I understand he overwhelmingly opposes Republicans and votes mostly with the Democrats. I still wouldn’t characterize the Democrat divide as being between those with Clinton and those with Sanders. Sanders isn’t even a member of the party. I get it that he’s closer to a Democrat than a Republican.


I cannot find anything about him on the issues. Maybe since he is a Catholic, this signals a chance for faithful Catholics to exert a little more influence over the party platform. :shrug:


I doubt it, at least in the foreseeable future. He chose Keith Ellison as his Deputy Chair.


Many registered Democrats voted for Sanders in their primaries and caucuses. Obama’s name wasn’t on the ballot in the 2016 election cycle for there to be a Clinton-Obama divide. Maybe you are confusing 2016 with 2008 when there was a Clinton-Obama divide. Obama supported Clinton and Sanders supported Clinton in the general and Sanders tweeted he looks forwarded to working with the new DNC chair.


If you’ve been following the story closely, I’m curious if you find the Antisemitism accusations credible?


You’re talking about Keith Ellison, correct? I don’t know much about his past and whether the anti-Semitic allegations are true or not. But even if he had anti-Semitic connections, people do change. I said as much for Jeff Sessions. I am reminded of Jesse Jackson’s “hymie-town” comment about New York City years ago. He too has evolved, however. One thing I’m pretty sure of, and that is, Donald Trump is not anti-Semitic, given his closeness to his Jewish son-in-law and the fact his own daughter converted to Judaism. Besides, Trump must have had plenty of close ties with Jewish people–entrepreneurs, lawyers, and the like–being a Manhattan real-estate mogul. Trump may be characterized as a lot of things, but anti-Semitic is not one of them.

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