Catholic TV Station in USA

I am surprised for not finding in USA ,California, a catholic TV station
which is necessary to defend the catholic faith and preach about it.
I can notice that there is many heretic programs speaking about
christianity faith starting from Hollywood bad propaganda to
many TV stations who allow lies to be said , hence to
poison the thoughts of newly beleivers and unbeleivers
as well.
could anyone advice me whether such TV station exists, and
if so why it is not free and included with every TV cable company.
Hope I’ll get some answers because I feel very sad about this
bad propaganda of christianity envading USA spirituality and
poisonning the souls.
I beleive that TV media is the most valuable weapon to face such wars
against beleif, it is more important than internets and purchasing books
because the challenger so huge as is Hollywood movies.
God bless

EWTN (Eternal Word Television Network) is a global Catholic TV network and is available from many cable and satellite networks all over the USA. Also, many cities have local Catholic TV programming. EWTN is self-supporting through viewer donations and sales of religious goods, but cable TV and satellite TV is not free–you have to pay for their services. Check with your local cable and satellite companies to see if they carry EWTN on any of their stations. When I had cable, EWTN was not on a separate channel, but was available through the local Catholic TV station which I got through cable. My Direct TV now has EWTN as a separate station. You just hav to look to see what is available.

Thank you Carolyn, for your reply, which relaxed me.
and for the advice too. I know about IWTN, but , am afraid
it is not free with our local cable, which already made me
pay a lot for about 200 channels, and none IWTN nor
catholic channels are available. That’s why I put this thread,
just to be more informed and hoping that our catholic Apostolic
message covers every type of Media.
Thanks again with God’s blessings.

I don’t know anything about this channel, but apparently CatholicTV is a diocesan channel which broadcasts 24/7. It is distributed nationwide by Comcast and others.

The station offers news, talk, entertainment, international event coverage and devotional series, as well as live Sunday Mass and the Rosary. The network’s schedule includes creative content such as religious cartoons, a Catholic trivia game show (see this Register article), a movie review program featuring two Archdiocese of Boston priests, and a reality-style show featuring local Catholic families.

In addition to its regular programming, the network has made vocations promotion a priority.

Here is the channel’s website. You can learn about its offerings and even watch on the internet, if nothing else.

And you can see where in California (or other states of the US) it is available, at this webpage:

Thank you for the valuable information, I will check soon.
With Gods blessings.
BTW Hope I will taste your coffee some day too:)

You are most welcome. :slight_smile:

Thank you!

Actually, its not my coffee, but I do recommend it. It is produced by cloistered monks who are living in Wyoming, and working hard at building their permanent monastery.

It is free (well, as free as cable gets) on Direct TV out here, and is wonderful :slight_smile:

EWTN is part of Dish Network’s basic package.

Thank you for everyone . I will check with my cable
supplier soon.
Peace and Good to all.

actually, its not my coffee, but i do recommend it. It is produced by cloistered monks who are living in wyoming, and working hard at building their permanent monastery./


It surprised me to know about cloistered monks
in USA. This is the most revealant vocation I
like and appreciate.
God bless you again for helping them to trade their
I will try to purchase some soon.
Have a nice day.

The only 24/7 Catholic TV station in the United States is KUPU-TV15 in Honolulu, HI.


Hi , after 3 years you reply to this thread !.. Are you living in some far planet ?
Please check the date before you reply. And I think your Honolulu TV is unknown
to my cable provider. :smiley: However, thank you. Peace.

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