Catholic TV

Are any of you familiar with
Check it out.

I like it better than EWTN. Not political in any way which is refreshing.

WOW…that is awesome! Thanks for sharing, I haven’t seen that before! :thumbsup:

I think they are great. Lots of good shows.

Feanor2, I also think it is important, and even a duty, for Catholics to live our faith including politically. Content consistent with true Church teachings related to political activism is very pertinent too.

They’re pretty good, though I give a slight edge to EWTN… Still completely worth supporting Catholic TV though, particularly since they have Fr. Baron’s Word on Fire. Bug Time Adventures is great for the little ones (actaully I enjoy it too)… Actually I don’t even have little ones, I just watched it because… Ummm… I got married, and I need to do research to figure out if it was good for my future kids to watch… Yeah… that was it… Not because I personally enjoy kids cartoons… moving on :o

More seriously, don’t forget to support their campaign to be picked up by more networks (online petition), and if you want it on your home TV right now, Sky Angel is a good option. It’s mostly protestant evangelical, but you get CatholicTV & 2 EWTN’s and its’ dirt cheap ($15 for faith only, $25 for faith + some wholesome cable content).

BTW, if you have a Windows Mobile, Android or Symbian smart phone you can watch Catholic TV online on your mobile phone while you’re on the go if you install the Skyfire browser… Android users might be able to do so w/o skyfire after the latest OS (FroYo) is pushed to your device.

I’ve done this on my mobile phone and it’s terrific :slight_smile:

I really miss “This is the Day,” The weekly diocesan and sort of laid-back discussion talk show. I like how the guys are always chiding each other- it’s clear they are friends outside of the show.

Why do you miss it? You can watch it free online :slight_smile:

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