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What are the best Catholic universities, for theology, philosophy, and Arts in general? I want to know the best ones worldwide, in any country, with a good reputation.

There are many excellent Catholic universities in the U.S. and Canada(U. of Notre Dame, C.U.A., Georgetown, Fordham, Loyola Chicago, St. Paul U., Boston College, etc.), but not all of them are loyal to the Magisterium. I do not know much about institutions in New Zealand or Australia. However, I do know a little about Heythrop College, London and Continental pontifical universities like the Catholic University of Louvain and various ones in Rome(Gregorianum, Urbaniana, Lateranum, Angelicum, etc.).

As in any college,there will be great and poor educators, with Catholic schools being no different. It’s a shame that many Catholics dismiss prominent universities due to their prejudices towards Jesuits or by focusing primarily on the few poor professors that have soured the respective institutions name. On a side note, I am not attacking nor insinuating that the previous poster has done any of these things. I know some posters on this forum will use this line of reasoning to dissuade you for certain schools. Please keep this in mind as you read other opinions.
With that, I have heard that Conception College (Conception, Mo–although it’s not accredited) and Stubenville (Stubenville) have excellent theology undergraduate programs. However you will probably find a more diverse and have a (probably) more rounded education at one of the more larger Jesuit schools, such as Notre Dame, Saint Louis, or Fordham.
If you’re looking for the best seminaries, PNAC is probably it (for English speakers). I’ve heard that Princeton has one of the best philosophy programs, although it’s not Catholic. And arts in general is too broad of a field to narrow down to one school.
Best of luck on your endeavors.

For all three of those together, Thomas More College of Liberal Arts, NH has a really strong program based greatly in a mixture of philosophy and arts (visual and music) - it is a SMALL school though so it depends what you want. They have a visiting weekend over columbus day weekend if you want and summer programs (1 for credit) every summer taught by teachers. They also have a rome semester.

Another good one for all three, although larger in size is University of Dallas. Not a huge school, but offering the selection of a university, dallas also has a strong liberal arts core curriculum, similar to TMC. Their study abroad program is very unique. Taught primarily on their Rome campus, the semester long program also includes a study trip to greece, and free 3 day weekends and a week or two off to visit anywhere a student chooses within their budget/. They were rated by the fiske guide as a best buy college.

I’d recommend for a better, bigger list (not all the colleges in the book are academically strong or accredited)

For academically rigorous but not necessarily in line with the church all the time i’d recommend BC (they have peter kreft) over Georgetown and Notre Dame…but i’m not basing this off much fact…if anything but personal preference.

Wow, thanks for the very thorough replies! This has helped me a LOT, I am still working my way through the list, one by one :slight_smile:

Hi littletherese3,

I notice that you’re from Perth, WA. I would recommend Notre Dame Uni in Fremantle ( It offers majors in theology, philosophy and units in general arts. I’m a current student, and the pastoral care which is offered to the students is second to none!

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