Catholic university in Ohio ends birth-control coverage | Reuters

Catholic university in Ohio ends birth-control coverage | Reuters

Good brought out from evil.

Great news. Hopefully other Catholic colleges that offer birth control will follow Xavier.

This is awesome… but I have a question, which has nothing to do with Xavier.

Why is Obama mandating that it be “free coverage”… So what does that mean? You don’t even have to pay a co-pay? There would be no cost on the patient’s end for the prescription?

Seriously? If he wants to do some good, how about giving free coverage to senior citizens on medicare/medicaid. Now that would do some good for people. There are too many seniors in this country trying to decide between their medication and food. But no, the Obama administration is more concerned about trampling on the Constitution than taking care of our elderly. He’s doing all of this while cutting back on medicare funding.

Wolf in sheep’s clothing…

He is proposing free coverage to further bribe female voters and create the war on women meme in the press to recover lost ground in popular support.


Or to payoff campaign contributor Planned (Un)Parenthood.

If I’m the largest widget distrubutor in the country, I want absolutely free mandated widget coverage!

Bon fait, Xavier (my confirmation name, no less!). I guess it is a vote of confidence that ACA will be overturned…

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