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How Catholic is CUA?

I read the wiki on CUA and it cites instances when the University barred speakers and/or events that are in conflict with Catholic teachings (ie: Abortion, Planned Parenthood, homosexuality)

Is there anything else I should know about the school?


Its the site of one of the most amazing and beautiful churches in the entire world, which i was able to take another trip to yesterday.

God Bless the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception.


Well, i thought i should be a bit more helpful. The Campus itself is gorgeous. Im thinking about possibly doing grad school there. I don’t know too much about it academically, but i live in Northern VA so i know the area well. I absolutely love DC, although Catholic is on the east side, which you have to be careful in around night time. But its right next to the metro, so you’re into the heart of the city in 5 minutes. And DC is an amazing city.

are you asking because you’re thinking about school at CUA?

If you want a catholic school in DC, theres also Georgetown. Its a great school, too, but i know theres at least one liberal professor i keep hearing things about.

If you want some good info, check out Its an amazing blog, written by someone who attends CUA. He would probably be glad to give you some info. He’s certainly orthodox enough, as is Monsignor Rossi who is in charge of the Shrine.


It is a great school for Theology, and Canon Law. I don’t know how many JCD’s in the U.S. graduated from there, but I imagine a great number.

Do you find something wrong with CU banning speakers on ‘unacceptable’ topics: Abortion, Contraception and homosexuality.

Frankly, I don’t have a problem with their approach.



No problem at all. I like it actually, being as orthodoxly minded as I am. I made me think :thumbsup: for them. I just wanted to check on the University as a whole.

I am interested in either the Master of Religious Education or the Master of Arts in Religious Education/Catechetics.
I am getting my Secondary English Ed degree now. I want to add Theology because I love Catholicism and I love teaching- why not combine the two :slight_smile:

I am looking at CUA specifically because DH may be getting a job in that area after he is done with his MPA.


From people I know who have gone there, and things I have read, it seems to be Catholic in name only.


Go for it then. I am also sure you will love the National Shrine to Our Lady near campus.



Amen to that. Its the largest Catholic church in the western hemisphere, built in beautiful roman/byzantine style, with magnificent domes, and amazingly beautiful shrines, with great statues and iconography. It is immesely beautiful beyond words. I am lucky to live close enough to visit it whenever I want, as i did last sunday.


I’ve been there to visit and it is beautiful. My boyfriend hopes to go to grad school there. From what I’ve seen and learned about it, it’s a good school. As for how Catholic is it:shrug: They have lots of Masses offered throughout the week, not only at the Basilica but other places as well I believe. I think there are two other churches on campus.


I know their prolife group is very active. I go to school in DC and our prolife group met theirs at a 40 Days event. And I’ve heard nothing but good things about it. Our priest on campus teaches up there.

Georgetown is Catholic in name only. I know a bunch of people who go there, work there, or visit there and they say the same thing. They’ve told me that if I went there, I’d be one of the few “real Catholics”.


Catholic University isn’t perfect, but it’s not bad. Two of my friends teach theology at Catholic University, and both are very orthodox. They never have any problems because of their orthodox beliefs. Two other friends are theology grad students there, and again, not many complaints from them, and they are very orthodox.

Now, not everyone at Catholic University is an orthodox Catholic. My friends who teach there mention that every one of their classes has students who are determined to argue and dissent from the church at every opportunity. For some reason, there are also some non-Catholics taking theology classes at the university. There seem to be quite a few dissenting students at Catholic University, but there are also many orthodox students.


It’s administration is certainly more Catholic than Notre Dame’s.

It’s current president upheld single-sex dormitories, against much internal and external opposition.

It barred Obama from speaking because of his extreme pro-abortion stance.

It barred the Vagina Monologues.

It doesn’t have a pro-sodomy club (source).

Reverend Charles E. Curran was fired for his views on birth control.

The American Association of University Professors (AAUP) continues to censor CUA for academic freedom violations. This is the same organization that basically promotes relativism in its implicit denial of absolute truths (cited in TAC’s founding document’s section of academic freedom, which is well-worth the read):

Freedom of conscience in teaching and research is essential to maintain academic integrity and fulfill the basic purposes of higher education; consequently, any restriction on academic freedom [such as firing professors who indoctrinate heresy] raises grave issues of professional concern.

(Statement on Academic Freedom in Church-Related Colleges and Universities; A.A.U.P. Bulletin, Winter, 67)

The TAC document explains:

It is clear that they [AAUP] hold religious doctrine to be a restriction on academic freedom, for later in the same statement, the conditions upon which a religious school insists when it appoints a teacher are described as “institutional limitations on his academic freedom.”

Viz., CUA wants to be faithfully Catholic!


It's a mixed bag. Some of the faculty and administrators are orthodox Catholics but many are not. Same for the student population. You have to investigate by individual department. Overall I'd give it a lukewarm rating in the department of orthodoxy. It just really depends what you're studying and what you want to get out of it.


Read why the AAUP censored CUA. Everything the AAUP report mentions are signs CUA is a faithful Catholic university.


They have allowed coed dorms for years. Now they are passing them out and they believe they should be applauded for doing so; even though they are counting to Llow them three more years and carefully avoid saying there was ever anything wrong with them having coed dorms in the first place.

A truly catholic approach would be to say " we were horribly wrong, we endangered many souls, we are sorry and will will stop the practice immediately"


The Cardinal Newman Society recommends Catholic University. The Cardinal Newman Sciety is the leading Catholic organization in the U.S. supporting Catholic universities faithful to the teaching and tradition of the Catholic Church. Its review of Catholic University is at


[quote="mdgspencer, post:15, topic:97216"]
The Cardinal Newman Society recommends Catholic University. The Cardinal Newman Sciety is the leading Catholic organization in the U.S. supporting Catholic universities faithful to the teaching and tradition of the Catholic Church. Its review of Catholic University is at


Thank you! I was looking for CUA's entry on the Newman Guide's website but couldn't find it. Thanks


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