Catholic Universtities with Law Schools


Well, I can find all kinds of things on Law Schools, but I am at a loss about how to find out if a Catholic Law School has signed the statement that they are faithful with the magestarium,

The reason I ask is because DH is applying to Law Schools, and a few of them are Catholic. And that works out for me, because I want to get my masters in Theology. However, I want to get a truly Catholic education and not a “catholic” one. If that makes sense.

Do I just come out and ask them? Faith and Family had 26 Catholic universities listed in it, but none of the ones with Law Schools were listed. So, how do I get the information?


I believe Ave Maria has a law school.


I’d call and ask. Also - aren’t there some schools that didn’t “sign” but are faithful? I just saw that the president of Duquesne Law School in Pittsburgh rejected three speakers for graduation because they expressed views that were in opposition to the RCC. Sen. Barack Obama was one, John Murtha was another, I want to say John McCain was the third.


I know Ave Maria has a great reputation for being a faithful Catholic school (it also just got full accredidation and has a 100% passage rate for the Bar Exam). So it’s a great school all around if you can live in Michigan weather (which coming from northern PA probably wouldn’t be that much of a difference. I’m personally applying to Ave Maria, Duquesne, and Catholic University. For you though, I’d probably go with Ave Maria above the other two.


What you are looking for is if the school has the mandatum as required by the Church. I doubt any law school has the mandatum since it only applies to theology departments. Your best bet would be to check with a university that has the mandatum for its theology department and that also has a law school.
Ave Maria is the only one that I know of off-hand but there might be others.


Thanks for the suggestions.
Ave Maria is not an option since they are moving to Florida from Michigan, which is going to cause upheaval in the accreditation process. And DH is not interested in living in Ave Maria, and frankly, neither am I.
Thanks, though!


Not Fordham.

Not Loyola- Chicago.

NOT DEPAUL!!! Your hubby might as well go to John Marshall (and I would love to have you in the area).

Here is a book that might help:
Here is an article or two that might help:

If your husband could get into University of Houston Law School, you could go to University of St. Thomas, which is mandatum. I took some of my undergrad classes there (of course, being prior military, I took some of my undergrad at UCAL Berkeley, as well). If he went to Texas A&M Corpus, you could go to Our Lady of Corpus Christi.


My dad is an Aggie Alum, so I know he’d be all “Aggies!” if DH went there. We are looking at St. Mary’s in San Antonio. I just dropped them an email about the mandatum.

I went to a Marianist High School and there were some things that bothered me, but I chalk that up to it being Miami. The Marianists aren’t like the Jesuits, are they?


I’m currently a law student (at a state school though) and given what I have heard of the situation at AMSoL, I wouldn’t touch it with a 99 1/2 foot pole.

Law school is extremely expensive and I’d be wary of paying that much money to a school that may potentially lose its accreditation. Also there is some question as to how they treat their faculty.

Catholic University of America has a law school and I believe they have a program that will allow you to complete both your degree in civil law and also in canon law.


Well what about

Catholic Univeristy in DC?

and i think American University

I think one of these has a canon law program.


I should have added that DH wants a JP/MPA program :slight_smile:


That pretty much confirms what I have read and what DH has heard. Thanks.
I will look into CUoA.


The ABA can not take away acredidation away from anyone currently enrolled as a student from an ABA acredidted law school even if the school loses acredidation. I’ll post my opinion of the school when I have time.


Stay far away from Seattle University. CINO. Very liberal, pro gay- anti Church.
Why these unviversities continue to be allowed to undermine the Church while taking her money and money of misled Catholics I will never know.


If you enter the school while it’s accredited you should be okay–BUT in certain areas of practice the reputation of the school matters. All else being equal when it comes to a choice between two candidates for an associate position, I have a feeling the accreditation status of the school at the time you finished will play a role.

There are also some unsavory rumors floating about the manner in which the boards of directors governs. Given the stress that accompanies law school in general, I’m not sure it would be worth it.

There’s also the consideration of the location of the school. Is it or isn’t it moving to Florida? When is that happening, etc…

That’s a decision that each person will have to make on his or her own. For me personally, I tend to err on the side of caution and I’m not sure AMSoL is a risk I’d be willing to take if I were looking for a school.


Well, trust me I have heard it all as my entire class has in regards to the problems at Ave. Yes, the move is finalized and my class will either have the option of moving with the school or being a visitor at the law school of our choice for the third year. I have no desire to stay in Michigan or Florida (I miss the west and the mountains) for that matter so the way I see it, it is a chance to live in two more states or go whereever I want my third year. l also think most of us will be spending our time in Naples where the jobs and externships are and not Ave town so I’m not concerned about the town. However, politics aside here is my opinion of why I like this school so far:

Law school is a very stressful time and the workload is very demanding. However, the environment at Ave is really friendly. One can leave their books, notes, computer, money, anything, anywhere, and it is going to be there when they get back. More so, there is mass 3 times a day in the chapel, daily rosaries and evening prayer, weekly adoration, and more. These are things I rarely if ever would do before coming to the school this year. It just makes the work that much easier in my opinion when you can take a break and go to mass or get involved with one of the spiritual aspects of the school. As soon as I go home for break I’m not going to do these things anymore and the same will probably be true when I graduate. Therefore, this period at Ave might be the best time for me spiritually as well as intellectually.

People that get involved with the spiritual aspects of the school are just happier in general doing all the work that law school demands. In my opinion, I probably am a lot more efficient at it here than I would be at another school because of being able to be more involved spiritually. I really think that as a result of involving God much more in my life here than I probably would elsewhere, I am going to learn more and be better prepared for whatever challenges might come my way as an attorney. If there is an advantage I would have elsewhere at another school, I think it would be cancelled out by the fact that I don’t think I will do as well there as I hope to do at Ave for the reasons I’ve listed.

There are power struggles and lots of politics involved. Perhaps some professors did leave and perhaps due to irreconcilable differences, others were let go, but the ones that are still here are great. They are very friendly and open to students on a constant basis willing to help us out. My guess is ten years from now, all this will be in the past and Ave will be a top school.

Well I hope you all enjoyed since I probably just cost myself a ranking by taking the time to type this instead of doing more studying. (I’m joking and I hope you can all figure that out)


a law school will not be teaching theology, unless it is a specialized canon law faculty, so the professors would not be required to sign the mandatum.


If your husband is considering attending a law school that has or is likely to have a problem with its accreditation, check out the what the requirments are to take the bar in the state or states you think you might like to live.

Many states require that you graduate from an ABA accredited law school. It is going to be different from state to state. Assuming, he intends to practice law, it would be diasterous to graduate only to find out he can’t sit for the bar exam. The law degree would be essentially worthless.

It is also my understanding that you can’t get federal financial aid to attend a law school that isn’t ABA accredited. A friend of mine got accepted to an unaccredited law school several years ago and couldn’t go. There are private lenders if they will give you a loan.

Good luck to you and your husband.


I recommend the University of Detroit Mercy School of Law
Founded in 1912, UDM is a well-established Catholic law school sponsored by the Society of Jesus (Jesuits) and the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas. The school is approved by the American Bar Association and is a member of the Association of American Law Schools.
My DH received his JD/MBA here and it was a great experience for him. As the wife of a former law student I will pray for you law school is tough on a marriage/spouse. I know DH and I will make it though anything because we survived the bar exam, actually waiting for the Bar results was worse! Prayers for both of you.


I am not exactly trusting of the Catholicity of either of those orders. But thanks!

Side note with that, I will be teaching and working on my Masters at the same time he is doing his craziness :slight_smile:

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