Catholic v. Protestant Exorcism using the Sacraments


I am trying to remember a story I heard a few years ago but cannot. I am hoping someone will know the story I am speaking of and let us know.

I remember hearing a story about a young girl who was possessed shortly after the Protestant Reformation. The young girl was “exorcised” by the protestants who sang hymns and read the bible and the devil said “don’t you know I made up some of those hymns, they have no power over me” and “don’t you know I know the bible better than you it has no power over me” and the protestants couldn’t drive out the devil.

However, the Catholics used the Eucharist and drove out the devil thus displaying the power of the Eucharist over the devil.

Two questions, does anyone know this story and is it validated? If there is a link to a website or more information I would love to see it.

I’m remember reading this story and wondering if it were a myth or if there were some truth to it.



I’m very interested in this one… :popcorn:


I am also. Post a link if you find the story

In my opinion, if this is a valid story, i believe Satan or whichever demon was possessing the girl who said: " “don’t you know I made up some of those hymns, they have no power over me” and “don’t you know I know the bible better than you it has no power over me” "was lying to get the priest to doubt his ability to exorcise the demon. Demons deceive people any chance they get. Especially, when they are doing something good and/or progressive in Gods honor. If we don’t doubt ourselves or God, then good will always triumph over evil.

That is my :twocents: :slight_smile:


The Exorcism of Nicola Aubrey +++


That’s the story! Thank you. I have been racking my brain trying to remember.

It looks like at the bottom it has the “imprimatur” and reference to the book, it appears authentic. I don’t know what more someone would need than this to convince them of the power of the Blessed Sacraments.


I think this is the story I remember hearing many years ago. If it is the same story, I was watching a special on TV about a exorcism that took place. I remember protestants tried to exorcise the evil spirit but were unsuccessful. I don’t remember anything about The Eucharist in the story (It would make sense too because I was a protestant back then that did not even know what the Eucharist was) I think I remember one of the evil spirits telling the protestants that only a Catholic Bishop had the authority to get rid of him. Or something a long those lines. I was a protestant then, so I remember I did not like hearing that! LOL It probably is the same story from that link.


Aren’t there demons that are of lesser/greater strengths, some requiring much prayer and fasting (as recorded in Scripture)?

Perhaps weaker demons can be exorcised by casting them out through the Name of Jesus, singing psalms and praises to Our Lord, recitation of the Gospel, Crucifix, etc regardless of Protestant/Catholic distinction, but stronger demons require weapons of larger ballistic power (e.g., Eucharist)?


I think the thing interesting is that the demons said God allowed them to do it, they were under orders to show the world how that power structure works.


Your welcome, I read this story many years ago, it jumped out at me when I read your words !


Jesus said prayer & fasting are required, ballistic missiles, Nuclear Bombs won’t shift them because that’s physical, only spiritual weapon’s can remove them +++


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