Catholic Vacation?

Not vOcation, but vAcation :smiley:

I feel the need to get away. Not a prayerful retreat or a sightseeing vacation where one runs here and there looking at stuff, but something like just lying on the deck of a cruise ship and vegetating… um… er… I mean relaxing.

Maybe some quality time with a hot-tub and a massage, know what I mean?

So any ideas which would not bee too far from the Mass? Are there cruises which incorporate the Mass on board? I don’t think priests are assigned to cruise ships, no?

Any other ideas of relaxing vacations that would not be too far from the Mass?


The former pastor at my parish did spend some time as a “cruise ship priest”. He went on cruise after cruise saying Mass for the faithful who were present. Tough gig! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not sure which cruiselines do this or whether the ones that do offer it always offer it. But it’s definitely worth investigating because I know for a fact that some do at least some of the time.

I’ve never been on a cruise… they sound delightful!!!

So, are you talking about DAILY Mass or just Sunday Mass?
Aren’t most cruises 5-7 days at most? Can you arrange a Sunday morning departure (go to the Saturday Vigil in the cruise port town the night before) and return the following Sunday and get back to Mass that day??
(I’m making guesses here???)

What about looking for local Masses at the ports of call? is worldwide!

Otherwise, you can always find a local parish wherever you decide to go if you aren’t cruising! We’ve NEVER missed Mass on any of our vacations!

Good luck and ENJOY!!!

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