Catholic versus non catholic

I would like this thread to go ahead but fear it will be closed quite quickly if things get too hot for each other but would like it out in the open

My question is. Why is there such ‘hatred’ amongst Catholics towards those who are not Catholic. I don’t know about real life of course. I only know what gets posted here. But there does seem to be a deep resentment towards those of us the Catholics who consider us not Catholic although we all worship the same God and believe in the Holy Trinity and have all 8 Sacraments available to us all. Why are the differences dividing us rather than uniting us? What is going wrong? (and please before anyone decides to counteract the argument with why do non catholics hate Catholics-then start your own thread if that is all you want to say because personally I don’t hate Catholics but feel a certain amount of intollerance and near hatred by that I am non Catholic in the eyes of Catholic as though it makes any difference with God - in my own opinion that is). We should be learning about each other and valuing each others differences rather than stab at us at any opportunity you have for telling us we not Catholic so we don’t understand or we don’t…

I hope we can be mature about this discussion please

First of all Roman Catholics have 7 Sacraments

I haven’t found from posts here that Catholics hate non Catholics. If anything Catholics are defending the true faith and I would hope that that does not come across as hate. I know that Catholics defend the Real Presence which is offered only in the Catholic church. I would think that the Catholics are trying to impress on non-Catholics the beauty and truth that the Roman Catholic Church has to offer.

This of course is just my opinion.

Well certainly I do not consider myself to ever have said anything offensive to my non-Catholic brothers and sisters :slight_smile:

Officially, the Church is open to ecumenism and considers Protestants, Orthodox etc. to brethren in Christ, genuine Christians worthy of our deepest respect and sympathy not to mention that God uses your churches/ecclesial communions as vehicles of salvation since they are mystically related to the Body of Christ.

That some Catholics might not live up to those teachings on CAF does not in the least surprise me :rolleyes:

The Real Presence of Christ is not only in the Catholic Church :smiley:

The Eastern Orthodox and Oriental Orthodox Churches also have the seven sacraments and valid sacred orders. Their Eucharist is just as valid as ours. :slight_smile:

It was passing comments about Baptists that concerned me really. Yes I realise that some comments made here don’t necessarily live up to teachings. Just like I know so very little about my own faith in the sense of all the ins and outs. But hopefully I am open enough. May be 7 Sacraments? without delibateraly adding them up

  1. Baptism
  2. Confirmation/communion
    3 Marriage
    4 Sick/healing
  3. Confession/absolution
  4. Last Rites
  5. Ordination
  6. hmm you may be right that there is only 7?

I guess this just depends on your personal experiences. I would think its the other way around. While attending a private Baptist school, I was taught that the C.C was the whore of Babylon, that it was leading everyone to Hell, and it was the enemy. My husband attended the c. of C. (church of Christ) for many years, and he was taught the same thing. My dad still despises the C.C. and pokes fun at Catholics on a regular basis. It just seems to me that Protestants are the ones that attack the C.C. nonstop.

Englishrose…do you live in England?

Do you know the experiences some of us having growing up with Baptists? My mother and I were invited to attend a Baptist service by our neighbor. I was a child at the time. We got in and the minister began denouncing the Catholic Church, raising his voice and shouting out with much emotion. The whole experience was frightening, and as a child, I felt the devil was in there.

My college girlfriend was Baptist, and was shocked to learn we have Sacred Scriptures at Mass in the Liturgy of the Word.

I was not raised in a setting that denounced Protestants or in particular Baptists.

There is an extreme anti-Catholic site called, CARM, this the worst I have seen…independent Baptists.

Baptists are primarily indoctrinated with ongoing misrepresentations about our Catholic faith, and that the Calvary followers must save us from religion. There are various branches within Baptist beliefs, some very charitable towards Catholics, but nonetheless, have been the same ongoing misrepresentations.

We have former baptists here who have found the truth of Christ in the universal Catholic church.

It has been the same for me :slight_smile:

I used to frequent an Evangelical and Baptist English forum. I made many online buddies there, however one day posters found out that I was Catholic and I was basically ridiculed, attacked mercilessly and ganged up on. My faith was insulted, they claimed I was an idolater, that I worshipped Mary and statues, that I was no longer there brother in Christ, that the Catholic Church is the whore of Babylon and the Pope is the Antichrist.

I eventually had to leave because the cyber abuse was just getting too much for me.

It was a harrowing experience even for internet interaction :eek:

Yep. And they are usually accounted as:



Holy Orders




Anointing of the Sick (Last Rites)

And that’s amongst RCs or Anglo-Catholics.



The anti-Catholic but sadly well-used Baptist website CARM even has an article, “Are Catholics really Christians?”

It answers, “No”.

i find it hard to believe that u feel that way about catholics. then why do u visit this site i think you are thirsty for the truth and u will only find it in the catholic church. the church instituted by christ on earth as he was still alive. have no fear we will welcome you with open arms and you will know you are finally home

Many Baptist do go over the line (think Westboro),but there are some Baptist that are not over the top antiCatholic. You will find this type of person in any church; I think they are trying to hide from something inside of themselves. :shrug:

I cannot hate anyone, because I have bad memory: I forget whom to hate. Hate is a full time job and I have no time for that.

I am new here but I have seen no hate posts up to now. I do not think Catholics have the time to waste on hating too…

I guess I have to be more explicit when I post. I consider the Eastern and Oriental Orthodox as Catholic. They are, aren’t they or are they not considered Catholic? Thanks for the reminder.:thumbsup:

Unfortunately I have seen a lot of religion bashing…which is why I list myself as “not sure-confused” when I am asked my religion…

The Baptists bash the Catholics, the Mormons bash the Jehovah’s witnesses and vice versa…

Everyone bashes everyone. All believe their church is the true church. I personally believe that all churches are right…and wrong. There are good and bad things in all religions…

My way is to accept all who come to God. I don’t care what religion you are…Love God, keep to His commandments as best you can, and treat others as you would have them treat you. If there were more tolerance in the world on this matter…there would be a lot less heartache.


You raise a good point and in the text you do make the distinction between what might actually be the truth and what is your own personal perception based upon what you have ‘read’ here, but unfortunately, your whole premise is that “Catholics are nasty to non Catholics. . .that is a GIVEN FACT and I just want to know WHY”. . ."

However (as you I think make clearer in the rest of your post) what you really want to know is why some Catholics whose posts you have read and which you perceive as hateful or mean acf this way. IOW, the whole initial premise that all Catholics or most Catholics**** which is what you imply in the beginning of your post is invalidated because it is not ‘all Catholics’.

Now if we make it quite clear that it is NOT ‘all Catholics’ and simply address the remarks which you have read (and which we’re taking on your hearsay, so to speak), we can only speculate,

Any given person belonging to any group (not just religious) can have certain proclivities to that group, and sometimes they use ‘bad coping skills’ to proclaim their beliefs. One ‘bad coping skill’ is to ‘belittle others not in the group.’ Again, that has nothing to do with what the actual group does or believes, and only with the individual.

As some noted, their prior bad experiences with certain nonCatholics led them to perceive those groups to have a hostile basis. . .

In fact, their perceptions are pretty much like yours in reverse. YOU see an antipathy in Catholics to nonCatholics, they saw an antipathy in nonCatholics to Catholics. And you could both be right, or wrong, depending on each individual experience. But it would only relate to that individual and that experience, not necessarily to the entire group.

So I will close for now with "Some Catholics may view nonCatholics with antipathy, based on what they believe are adequate reasons. . .just as some nonCatholics do the same with antipathy toward Catholics’. . .but rather than ask ‘why’ (because there are going to be dozens of individual ‘reasons’, I think we should stop ‘finger pointing’ and try to go about it in a positive way.

Here’s an idea. Instead of saying, "why are Catholics (or nonCatholics) so mean to non-Catholics (or Catholics), how about saying, "I have heard Catholics (or nonCatholics) say X good things about Protestants (or Catholics). How do you think that we can help spread this kind of attitude and foster unity among Christians?

Anointing of the Sick should not be confused with “Last Rites”, because many are annointed without the imminent threat of death facing them from spiritual or physical ailments.

“Viaticum”, or the Last Sacrament of the Christian is the offering of the Eucharist in addition to the Anointing of the Sick for one who is about to “pass over” to the father.

See CCC 1524 and 1525. This is an important step we want to prepare for, if at all possilbe, before a terminal illness makes it impossible to physically receive the Eucharist before passing.


I never woulda guessed. :rolleyes:

A problem I sometimes see is when the expression of a principle results in someone’s taking in a personal way.

Surely, you cannot read into a persons heart, only Christ can do that.

Someone’s writings do not necessarily mean they hate non-Catholics.

Catholics know that their Church is the only one instituted by Christ and that does get up peoples nose and some may choose to interpret that as hatred.

Some are more charitable than others in how they choose to defend or explain the faith but I seriously doubt any are coming from a place of hatred.

I actually find this thread quite challenging (to God that is) because you assume to know a persons heart. Only God can read hatred in peoples heart.

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