Catholic Video Game Podcast

To start I’m not even sure if this is the proper place to post this, my apology if it is not. I currently run a new website called, it’s a Catholic video game website similar to I have yet to review any games and I’ve only done a few podcasts thus far. My question to you is whether or not any of you would be interested in joining me in doing a weekly or biweekly podcast? I’m looking for a few dedicated gamers who are also faithful to the Church to help me get this thing really going. May God bless you all!

Stephen R. Nichols

Catholic gamer here (Mostly MMOs: I played EvE Online for a while till someone pulled a Bernie Madoff on the largest player corp.; also played the Matrix Online till it shut down earlier this month and am about to take up City of Heroes/Villains), and I would LOVE to see a weekly podcast! There’s plenty of Catholic and Christian movie review and book review sites, we are in dire need of a Catholic video game review site.

Glad to see at least a little bit of interest. I’m completely ready and willing to make the investment and put in the time for a website and weekly podcast, I just need some people who would be willing to join in the venture with me. Would be great to have at least one if not two people who are into MMO’s along with a few solid console gamers. I took down for the time being. Figure I’ll relaunch the site if I can get enough interest and help with it:)

Console gamer here, particularly PS3 and a smattering of PSP and DS.

I’m willing to pitch in if there’s a need for my services.

Awesome, I’m curious to see just how many other people would be interested in joining.

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