Catholic Video Productions Against the Rapture And/Or Other End Times Errors?

Some friends of mine are very into end times productions by Protestants like Jim Bakker, Hal Lindsey, and Tim Lahaye. The Rapture, Harbingers, and Blood Moons are terms that frequently come up in conversation with these friends, and even though they are some of the firmest Catholics in my area, I’ve seen them recommending books and videos on these subjects to others. I was recently invited to one of their prayer groups where they will watch an end-times episode by Jim Bakker.

It seems to me like they are in danger of spiraling into Protestant end times error, and I think this is a big trouble for their souls because the Protestant shows and books they are using don’t teach about the end times from within Catholic tradition. The more they go to these Protestant thinkers for their spiritual food, the more likely they are to accept Protestant ideas.

I would like some Catholic resources to offer them as an alternative to these Protestant ideas. Personally, I plan to go to their prayer group and discuss the Catholic view on these matters. As part of this, I plan to recommend John Martignoni’s audio CD on the Rapture and the books “The Rapture Trap” by Paul Thigpen and “Will Catholics be Left Behind?” by Carl Olsen.

In the context of a prayer group, I think it would Also be fruitful if I offered them a Catholic video of sufficient length to serve as a basis for one of their meetings. I looked through EWTN’s resources on youtube, and so far I haven’t been able to find any video production that would be useful on this issue. There are plenty of Audio productions from EWTN that third-parties have unofficially uploaded to youtube, and some of these use pictures as a backdrop for the audio, but I don’t think this group would be interested in listening to an audio program for thirty minutes to an hour. Many people need, or think they need, something visual to watch and keep their eyes busy.

There are a few long-past episodes from EWTN shows that have discussed these topics but aren’t uploaded to youtube as far as I know, and if someone knows how to access a video version that would be great. For example, on 10/27/2003 EWTN Bookmark produced a video of a 25 minute interview on the topic of debunking the Rapture, and on 9/9/2002 they produced a video on the topic “Trial, Tribulation & Triumph Before, During and After Anti-Christ.” Those would presumably teach on this topic from within Catholic tradition, but I can only find audio versions of those interviews on youtube. I think this group would rather watch a video than listen to an audio, even if the video is Protestant.

tl;dr What I am looking for are video productions where Catholics teach on the end times, roughly thirty minutes to an hour in length. Any recommendations?

After looking around for a bit I’ve found several useful productions:

The Last Things in Time and Eternity - $25 video series from EWTN±+DVD.axd

A Catholic View of the End Times - Karlo Broussard (Catholic Answers apologist) (Part 1) (Part 2)

Signs of the End Times: A Catholic Perspective - Ralph Martin and Peter Herbeck (from Renewal Ministries)

Any others videos, friends?

Might try the Institute for Catholic Culture website.

I’m not sure if they have anything on end times but their library of talks is impressive.


i think Tim Staples and John Martinogni have you tube videos in response to the Rapture.

Here’s a some sources that will also help.
What Jesus Really Said About the End of the World

From my blog :The Rapture?
Free MP3 from John Martignoni:** The Rapture and the Bible**

The video…The Rapture & the Bible

Yes, I hadn’t thought of looking through their library, but that is a great group. Thank you for reminding me.

Riding on the Clouds of Heaven: A Study of the Second Coming

The video for that one is not online as of now, they just recorded it two days ago. I expect they will put a video online shortly, though sometimes they only upload the audio. The description at the above link makes it sound like the exact type of thing I’m looking for.

There are also several audio talks at the Institute of Catholic Culture on how to interpret the Book of Revelation (link and link) and an audio talk about who will be left behind (link).

So far I’ve only been able to find audio versions of their talks with a couple pictures as a background. Do you have a link to what you’re talking about? I’d really like there to be a video of the speaker giving his or her presentation.

At the risk of poking my nose where it doesn’t belong, be careful. Among Rapture True Believers, this is one the doctrine they hold most closely to their hearts. I think some of them could sooner give up belief in Our Lord’s Divinity than they could the Rapture.

Typically when Catholics mention how ahistorical premillennialism is, the Left Behind Brigade will retort that man’s full understanding of the scriptures is an ongoing process. The fact that this is a relatively recent phenomenon cuts no ice with them. On the contrary, they usually see that as an argument in their favor. It’s to be expected that we “know more” than people taught by the apostles themselves in their view. So an appeal to history is out.

Obviously they don’t recognize the Magisterium so an appeal to authority is out too.

Because of that, it might be helpful to identify which branch of End Timey theology they buy into. If they lean toward pre-trib, you can take them through a fairly simple dialectic.

Ask them, as per the pre-trib view, when the Antichrist gains control of the world at the beginning of the seven year tribulation.

If they’re “orthodox” in their pre-trib beliefs, 10:1 they’ll say it happens when some hypothetical peace treaty or another gets signed by the Antichrist. That’s what begins the tribulation and officially marks the Antichrist as the world ruler.

So far so good.

But there’s a logical challenge there. Conventional pre-trib eschatology holds that the seven year tribulation is marked with the breaking of the first seal in Heaven. It happens when said peace treaty gets signed.

The breaking of this seal coincides with the first horseman coming out. This first horseman is typically regarded by the pre-tribbers as the Antichrist. That’s how the Antichrist arrives on the scene.

So the Antichrist signs a treaty… which is what allows the Antichrist to arrive on the scene?

So the effect precedes the cause, I guess. It’s a logical Gordian knot.

If you can call this into question, they may begin questioning other aspects of pre-trib eschatology.

Mind you, it’s quite possible that you’ll only transition them to a pre-wrath or post-trib model. At best that would be a lateral move. But you can still present your perspective and reasonably (and factually) say that none of this is a problem from the Catholic viewpoint. Indeed, the Catholic Church makes use of all the promises and prophecies in a coherent way that doesn’t necessarily require some doomsday scenario with raptures and marks of beasts and all that stuff.

I say all the above to say this: I suspect they might view you either as (A) a target for conversion to their view of the truth or (B) a possible enemy intruding on their study and trying to sow discord and confusion. It’s well and good to want to share the truth with them but this may turn into a big mess for you.

My friend, it is a good thing you are doing. People receive education of the Faith from either good Catholic sources, but if those sources are silent, they will turn to other sources, usually protestants which have a vast amount of material of this subject matter primarily because it is so important and successful in attracting sales (I mean converts).

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