Catholic view on "aliens"?

I don’t know what to believe. Before turning super Catholic I would fear aliens so much, being scared every single night l, now I don’t even flinch at the thought of an “alien” I don’t believe in them anymore, but I have a lot of friends who do. What is the church’s’ view on aliens? My friend said “how could the Egyptians have built the pyramids, or the other impossible buildings made throughout the world?” And I don’t know what to respond with? There are some things that I would say I have experienced things that are unexplainable (a big ball of fire falling over our neighborhood lake, seen by all of our neighbors), but I don’t know what to believe? Life on other planets?

I don’t think the Church has a position. The only thing is they wouldn’t be human beings, since all humans must descend from common first parents who sinned (unless some people in the past were able to leave earth and colonize another planet, but that seems unlikely).

The Church lets science deal with this. The Church believe that Jesus Christ came redeem humans. If aliens are real, God most likely has a different plan of salvation for them (even if it’s similar).

Meaning, it’s possible that their version of Salvation History might be similar to ours, but with entirely different details. Meaning the general “plot” is the same, but the details/facts are different. In other words, The Second Person of the Blessed Trinity may have redeemed them too under a different Name and a different Passion, etc: but with the same intentions.

Regardless, whether or not aliens exist and land on the White House lawn (or blow it up), it does not change anything in regards to Catholic Dogma & Doctrine.

NOTE: The Vatican’s chief astronomer (who is a priest), when asked if he would baptize an alien, responded with: if an alien wanted to become Catholic, he would baptize the alien.

God Bless!

E.T. baptize!

Aliens probably exist, but, please, don’t believe that BS about “how could Egyptians build the pyramids”, etc. There are long and well established by the historians ways the could build them! Do not underestimate our human race and do not underestimate our ancestors. The reason and abilities God bestowed on us are great. Irrespective what the aliens might think! :wink:

The journalist brought up NASA’s discovery last July of a new planet, Kepler 452 B, which resembles Earth in its dimensions and characteristics, asking whether there could be thinking beings elsewhere in the universe.

“Honestly I wouldn’t know how to answer,” the Pope replied, explaining that while scientific knowledge has until now excluded the possibility of other thinking beings in the universe, “until America was discovered we thought it didn’t exist, and instead it existed.”

“But in every case I think that we should stick to what the scientists tell us, still aware that the Creator is infinitely greater than our knowledge.”


Yes. Baptize E.T.!

Wasn’t ET the story of Jesus?

My husband tells me I see Jesus everywhere.

He comes from another world.
He touches the heart.
He changes people.
He performs signs and wonders.
The people in charge are out to get him.
His friends try to save him.
It’s useless.
He dies.
He comes back to life.
He goes home.
But he’ll never be forgotten.



Yes, they do, not long ago, our Pope openly said he would baptize an alien if the situation arose, they also told everyone it is OK to believe they exist.

Not to mention, the Vaticans interest in this area, with their involvement in the LUCIFER telescope and some others things, Read some of what Card. Balducci and G. Cosmangalo, among others from the Vatican have wrote about this topic, its fascinating.

The real question is (and no way for any us to know), whether these beings are truly from a distant planet/ world/ dimension, or if they are not really what they appear to be. Its highly possible God created many intelligent life forms out there long before humans came along, depending on their situation with God, it is possible they would be 1000s or even millions of years ahead of us in terms of technology, so distance between planets, solar systems become less of a hurdle given that level of advancement…if humans are given another 100,000 years to progress, its very likely we would be traveling to other systems, and we would be the ‘aliens’ to another planet whom God created long after mankind, they would be in awe of our technology, our ability to even reach their planet, the same way we view UFOs today.

However, I think there is a good reason why there never seems to be any good, clear video or pictures of UFOs, but so many being reported all over the world, I think our camera/ video technology may just not be able to pick them up accurately, as they are not really ‘real’ in the way we would use the word, but they still show up on radar, have physical mass. I think eventually when we know more about them, we will say “AHA, so thats why no one was able to get a good clear picture of one”.

I think the Vatican will play a role in some kind of official disclosure eventually, its right up their alley, I just hope I am wrong about what they are truly are (demons masquerading as something else to fool modern day people)…if you watch tv, movies, aliens, UFOs are very popular, statistics of people believing is steadily rising, but this is not the case with demons, most modern people consider demons to be an outdated belief, from a time when people blamed demons for sickness, deformities, etc.

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Saturn’s moon, Enceladus, could probably be a possible source for life in the solar system. It has rocky silicate grains that form in hot, acidic water, the same kind of hydrothermal vents where deep-sea life thrives on earth. Material spewing from Eceladus’ underground ocean flows out through geysers.

However Saturn could not be a likely prospect because it does not have a solid surface.

There is also strong evidence that Ganymede, Jupiter’s moon, has an ocean. It has been observed through the Hubble. Researchers believe the ocean lies 90 miles under the ice crust of Ganymede.

Life on other planets and their satellites is probably possible, but what kind of living things would be there? Pluto is barren looking and shows no signs of life. Some of the other planets are just as inhospitable, but one thing that jolted my interest is the fact that astronomers found stars out there that are immense diamonds. Lucy is the name of one of them.

Aliens have NEVER visited the earth. UFO sightings are NOT alien spaceships.
Do not let us start discussing this nonsense again. Please!!

Then what are they?? Angels? Demons?

What are who??

So the part from a previous post where it said they couldn’t be human because of Adam and Eve is wrong?

I love your Christmas lights and Advent wreath.

Thanks. :blush: Have a merry and blessed Christmas.

Thanks. :blush: Have a merry and blessed Christmas.

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