Catholic view on "aliens"?

If UFOs are real, I don’t think they are demons. However, I don’t believe that all aliens would be good either. I would not be surprised if there are some aliens who function like a galactic peace keeping force (like Star Fleet in Star Trek).

It would not surprise me if most aliens (again assuming that UFOs are real) would operate using some kind of “prime directive,” again, like in Star Trek. They would do everything possible to prevent discovery, for multiple reasons: spoil our natural progression, fear of us hunting them for their technology, etc.

NOTE: I’m not claiming that UFOs are real, I’m not claiming that aliens have visited or are visiting Earth. However, I’m saying that I could believe it either way.

…all humans must descend from common first parents. Post#2

If aliens exist, they are NOT humans.

The Catholic Faith details the Divine Revelation for Humans, not for aliens.

But, with that said, some priests have said that they would baptize aliens IF they ASKED to be baptized. Meaning, the Church would most likely not send Evangelization Missions to the Aliens.

Maybe they don’t need saving - after all we are the ones living on the planet of the apes - very violent creatures that have nice shiny gadgets but still have the monkey inside the keeps jumping out.

The one disappointing thing about mankind is that we could be so much better but choose not to out of personal selfishness , greed and power - all our monkey attributes

I personally agree with S Hawkins that if aliens exist and do come we should be very worried - look at us we have technology but yet are a very violent race that doesn’t respect life on this planet - i would expect the same from another alien race

What the Catholic faith entails is Divine Revelation for everyone. the only question here is whether or not Baptism would apply to such a being. One could suppose, if an intelligent species came into contact with our own and had contracted Original Sin through their own means (see Lewis’s Perelandra for example–there wasn’t Original Sin there, but it was not for lack of trying on the part of the devil) and whatever remedies God had provided on that planet had been rejected, Baptism might indeed be efficacious. In such a case, the Church might indeed send such a mission. In fact, the Church might look at an alien equivalent of the Church on that alien’s planet and set up a rough affiliation with it if it felt it was God’s representative on that planet (though I think they Pope would not have authority over that Church)

They could also be very advanced and thus be very wise and non-violent.

Did you read The Lord of the Flies?

I think so and I think you were very effected by it.

One of my favorite books (besides the bible) looking into human nature.


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