Catholic View on Salvation

Salvation is not earned by good works. Christ says to those who love him must pick up their cross and follow him. There is the parable of vineyard about it does not matter how long you have worked for Christ, you will be rewarded equally in heaven. There is a parable of the prodigal son, about how God never forgets his son. the 99 sheep and if one goes astray. God warned about the Pharisee something about how he fasted so many times a week, yet the tax collector simply repented. God forgaive the thief on the cross.

The Parable of the Talents demonstrates how God gives, and then we’re expected to “invest” what’s given, and increase it. Luke 12:48 relates the principle that much is demanded from those who are given much. Man’s will, his cooperation with and response to grace, is always part of the equation. The theif did all that he was able to do. The tax collector would’ve been expected to do more, including repent again if he turned away from God and back into sin. Gods not impressed with our shows of holiness, as if we can be righteous apart from Him. Rather He’s pleased by our faith, which makes us malleable clay as we work out our salvation with He who works in and molds us. Phil 2 & Is 64

Read the Epistle of James

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